Thursday, March 02, 2017

Missouri GOP: McCaskill lying in desperate attempt to discredit Sessions

(From the Missouri Republican Party)

Today Senator Claire McCaskill used her platform on Twitter in an attempt to discredit U.S. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. The problem? Her tweet was a blatant lie that was exposed by her very own earlier tweets.

McCaskill claims she has been on the Armed Services Committee for 10 years and has never had a call or meeting with the Russian ambassador. Unfortunately, McCaskill's earlier tweets say just the opposite: "Off to a meeting with Russian Ambassador..." and "Today calls with British, Russian, and German ambassadors re: Iran Deal."

Just a day prior, McCaskill was a guest on "Morning Joe," where she accused President Trump of being untruthful and took credibility away from the 57.1% of Missourians who voted for him by saying they did so out of, "political road rage."

"Senator McCaskill has been caught in a lie," said Chairman of the Missouri Republican Party, Todd Graves. "This is just another example of why we can't trust Senator McCaskill. She's a liberal career politician who doesn't represent Missouri families. Yesterday, Lyin' Claire even hurled insults at the overwhelming number of Missourians who voted for President Trump. McCaskill and her fellow Democrats continue to show they're completely out of touch with the people of Missouri who are looking forward to making this country great again."


Harvey Hutchinson said...

2 more years; get her OUT!!!
Harvey Hutchinson 303-522-6622 voice&text 24/7

Unknown said...

Pot and kettle. I notice this came from the Mo. Rep. Party. If they say that it's raining, I'm stickin' my arm out to see if it gets wet! They began the "fake news" after the Obama election. It seems to met the GOP, on a state and federal level are trying to dismantle our society.

Harvey Hutchinson said...

This ignorant Senator just made Missouri the laughing stock of the nation ( check the tweets); not just a dishonest liar; but stupid as well!!
Resign!! Go out to pasture early with Barack Huessien Obama, and your crooked lying sister Hillary!!!
Harvey Hutchinson 303-522-6622 voice&text 24/7

Anonymous said...

Does a tweet rise to the level of lying under oath to Congress? If so, let me refer you to a bag full of tweets from your current President.

Anonymous said...

She is a Beltway puppet.. smear them is all the Democrats in DC can do...Used to be sore losers were ostracized but now they have an echo chamber provided by much of the media...hope SHE RESIGNS.

Anonymous said...

You worry about Missouri being the laughing stock of the nation while the Trumpenfuhrer has made this nation the laughing stock of the world! He has turned the White House into the Russia House. Republicans seem to fully understand the meaning of the word "HYPOCRITE" and they are exercising it to the fullest extent. The "Party before country" Republicans are above the law while they demonstrate the ability to divorce themselves from truth, ethics and morals.

Anonymous said...

The Missouri GOP is all about alternative acts, and Claire is not the one that told the lie. That was Sessions during questioning UNDER OATH that didn't tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Sessions demanded Clinton was tried for perjury for lying about a personal matter. Sessions should be tried for perjury for lying about a matter of national security. Desperate?! Sounds pretty cut and dried to me.

Anonymous said...

Nothing more than a lame effort on the part of the Missouri GOP to create a diversion from the real issue: Sessions, a Trump campaign advisor, met with the Russian ambassador during the campaign at the height of the Russian hacking scandal, and lied, under oath, to the congress about his contacts - which is not only grounds for resignation, but for criminal prosecution.

McCakill met - in 2013 - publicly, as part of a group, with Russian ambassador to discuss ban on adoptions from Russia and had a brief phone call on the topic of Iran. Nothiong hidden. Her statement that nobody on the committee had reason to contact the Russian ambassador is borne out by the fact that, as the Washington Post, as ascertained, the only member of that committee to talk to the Russian ambassador last year was Jeff Sessions - a meeting that he subsequently lied about under oath.

The Trump Russian connections are more than troubling and potentially a threat to US security - and the fact that Trump's campaign aparatchiks all seemed to be lounging comfortably in the same bed as various Russians officials and intelligence agents - and that almst all of them have tried to hide this fact, should suggest that we need a serious *independent* investigation at the least. And folks like Sessions, who have shown a willingness to lie under oath are demonstrating that they are unfit to hold such an influential position as Sessions does.

It is also troubling that the heads of the congressional committees charged with investigating one or another facet of the Russian influence mess, have shown themselves willing to bias their own investigations by proclaiming that there is no substance there - before the investigations are even under way but immediately after having been asked by the White House to do so.

This situation must be investigated by an independent, bipartisan panel; Jeff Sessions needs to resign and investigated to determine if charges should be broght against him. McCaskill's right on the mark and deserves our thanks.

Both Democrats and Republicans lie said...

Hillary ran an illegal and sloppy private server with classified material which the Russians, the Chinese, the Israelis and probably most of the First World intelligence services and a lot of hackers compromised and sold. The Democrats, in order to hide the fact that the Clinton Foundation was nothing more than a criminal bribery operation to enable Hillary to outspend Trump by two to one and then she lost because she was a tiresome criminal.

Now there is a lot of whining by the Democrats to blame the election results on . . . the Russians. The Russians want peace and so they favored Trump, who while no peacemaker understands that nuclear war is bad for business.

So now the Democrats are yapping and whining trying to pull a Nixon on Trump, along with the RINO Republicucks. Claire McCaskill is getting shrill, knowing that she is gone in two years.

The best thing to do is to simply let the Democrats bitch about how much they hate white working class men and women, vote in left-wing leadership, and work to losing even more senate seats in 2018 as their illegal aliens are shut out of welfare benefits, employment, and deported.

It is like Randy's fellow teachers who think that they get to do whatever they want as teachers. They need to keep a low profile lest they get detected and fired for cause, sort of like illegal aliens without a green card.

Claire can show her old withered ass as she is gonna be gone anyways. So what if she is a liar and hypocrite? The Republicans are not much, if any, better.