Monday, July 16, 2018

Cleaver on Trump/Putin press conference: Today is a sad day in American history

In a tweet posted about a half hour ago, Fifth District Congressman Emanuel Cleaver criticized the statements made by President Donald Trump during a joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki:
Today is a sad day in American history. Sad for the brave men and women in our intelligence community who dedicate their lives to protecting our country. Sad for the heroes who gave their lives defending it from ruthless dictators like Putin. Sad for democracy. #TrumpPutinSummit


Unknown said...

When did Emanuel Cleaverthink he was an intelligence professional—- it’s more like a perfect ifiot!!

Hugh Janus said...

Harvey sometimes youmake me laugh!

perfect ifiot!!

I wish I'd have thought of that myself!

Anonymous said...

It's almost like Harvey is TRUMP'S Covefe Cousin!

Anonymous said...

Harvey you type like a perfect ifiot. No comment on Trump kowtowing to Putin and kissing his a$$? Oh, here it comes. But Obama, no wait, but Hillary, uh, emails......uh.....

That's OK Harvey. We expect that from you now. Somebody get him something shiny to play with. And find his tinfoil hat.

Unknown said...

You guys can add Russian Summit “enthusiastic participants “:
Franklin Roosevelt
Harry Truman
Eisenhower wasn’t enthusiastic , and dropped the ball
John Kennedy ( Robert on the park Bench with Russian intelligence officer)
LBJ ( think he missed, too busy screwing up Vietnam)
Nixon ( too busy wth Chin)
Ford ( not there long enough)
Carter ( too incompetent, and screwing up Iran Hostsges)
Ronald Reagan
Bush Sr
Clinton ( too busy abusing female employees, especially the very young ones)
Bush Jr( too busy trying to avenge his Daddy’s Iraq debacle)
Obama ( too busy getting Nobel Peace Prize even before he started, and delegating store to Lying Crooked Hillary and ignorant John Kerry)

Anonymous said...

More Harveyisms. Alternative facts at their finest without even a hint of truth or a link to the facts! The ifiot has spoken!