Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Hawley: Kavanaugh is remarkably qualified; McCaskill will oppose him

In an e-mail issued today by Josh Hawley's U. S. Senate campaign, the attorney general praised President Trump's selection of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and attacked Sen. Claire McCaskill, whom he will oppose if, as expected, he wins next month's Republican primary.

Hawley posted the accompanying photo showing him and his family watching Monday night as Trump made the announcement.

The text of Hawley's letter, excluding requests for donations, is printed below:

I want to congratulate Judge Brett Kavanaugh on his nomination to the Supreme Court, truly a high honor. 
Judge Kavanaugh is remarkably qualified for the Supreme Court. I believe he will uphold our Constitution as the founders intended, not imposing his values from the bench. The American people deserve no less. The balance of the court turns on this nomination, and I applaud President Trump for his thoughtfulness in this selection. 
I predict that Senator McCaskill will reflexively oppose him. 
I am calling on Senator McCaskill to stop voting with Chuck Schumer and to vote with Missourians for once. Even McCaskill cannot deny that his experience and objectivity would serve the Supreme Court well. 
Should she vote against his confirmation, it will be for no other reason than to please her party. 
Missourians are tired of wondering whether their own senator will put them second yet again. That’s why I am running for Senate - to give Missourians a louder voice in Washington, not to push Washington ideals onto Missouri.


Anonymous said...

Yep, Hawley will be on the Trump-Kavanaugh bandwagon for the same reason he says McCaskill will oppose him: PARTY POLITICS! Personally I don't want to see an erosion of anyone's rights including women, minorities, LBGT or ...

Harvey Hutchinson said...

Anonymous 1:33( whoever, if anybody) I want to see a Justice who interprets the Constitution which our founders wrote and legally amended 25 times( 2 of them canceled out RE prohibition) very strictly, and doesn’t legistate from the bench! Period!!

We elect legislators and City and County councilmen and Parish Police Jurors to write laws, Period!!

Harvey HUTCHINSON 303-522-6622 voice&text

Anonymous said...

I agree totally. I have been wondering why my senator Blunt and representative Long have been putting us second for so long. But then it is Missouri and in most cases they are too naïve to believe anything will change by voting the same way Dad did. At the VA the other day this one guy was happy with Trump and then on his second breath asked a group of us "What is this Roe vs Wade thing everyone is talking about?" This is a vet from VN not knowing what is in the news or what has happened in the past. Newspapers are not taking in depth articles because they have to be written on the 5th grade level so their readers can understand the article. Are you kidding me? Our country ranks down around 19th in the world as to literacy and you expect to have a rational person in charge instead of our Orange Julius.

wanted to buy the fool a clue but he called it welfare said...

Parish Police Jurors??????

Jumpin Jimminy Herbvey!

Where do they gots Parish Police Jurors? They gots any them down in Tangiwhackyhopeywhatever Parish?

Anonymous said...

Pure Party Before Country politics. It doesn't matter what the people want as long as there is a "R" by the name that is good enough. Trust them Repugnicans. The Koch brothers know what's best for us all and they pay their toadies well to impose their will on the rest of us. Orange Beelzebubba in the whitehouse could select Charles Manson for the bench and to some of the Trump cultists it would be the greatest selection in the history of selections. You better be careful what you wish for there liddle Harvey. Your justice may have to uphold the 25th amendment very strictly. Then you would lose your feckless leader. He has already proven he is incompetent and unfit for the position.

Anonymous said...

Hawley predicts the dems will not vote for Kavanaugh. WOW! That is some reach there. I predict that in one hour it will be one hour from now! BOOM! So Hawley, what do you think about your party not even giving Obama's nomination a hearing? Hypocrite much? Your vote is simply to please your party and get someone with a "R" beside their name on the bench. Your story about qualifications is cute and all but we all know qualifications don't matter. But that "R" does. So what is the difference? Do you support your feckless leaders tariffs? That is not in Missouri's best interest. Ask the folks in Poplar Bluff or the soybean farmers about these tariffs.