Monday, July 16, 2018

Ann Wagner: We are asking President Trump to rethink tariffs

(From Second District Congresswoman Ann Wagner)

My colleagues and I have urged President Trump to rethink imposing tariffs on steel, aluminum, and other goods. 

Now China, Mexico and several European countries have issued retaliatory tariffs that will negatively impact farmers, ranchers, dairy producers, and consumers across the United States. In Missouri, China’s 25% tariff on American soybeans will hit especially hard. 

Missouri is a trading state: exports support 88,000 jobs across the state, and one of every three rows of crops is grown to export. It is abundantly clear that these tariffs will hurt good, hardworking families. 

In both the House Foreign Affairs and Financial Services Committees, I questioned witnesses, including Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, about possible solutions to prevent a trade war. Maintaining free, fair, and healthy trade relations is crucial. 

We must continue to address China’s predatory practices, as well as unbalanced trade agreements across the globe, while preventing the axe from falling on American families.


Anonymous said...

$2.00 corn and $6.00 beans.

Just wait until some oil guy whispers in Trump's ear about ethanol subsidies and freedom of the markets.

That's when you will see the bottom drop out.

Billions and billions of Chinese and Russian dollars are waiting to pick up the pieces when all that land comes on the market.

Don't even think what state finances will be like when Trump's trade wars meet up with Trump's tax cuts.

Anonymous said...

Just now starting to think about these tariffs? What gives with you republicans and not being able to see that the fraud you help elect and supported all this time is not in it for anyone but himself, Russia, China and North Korea. His sons and daughter have to be laughing all the way to the bank for what they have accomplished in fooling so many gullible and ignorant Americans with the election of Nov 2016. Trying to save face just before the general election this November might be a last ditch attempt to save embarrassment, but it is too late except for stupid followers.

Anonymous said...

Ann needs to lower her hair and raise her game!

Nicely asking this president without bringing tributes is nothing more than mental m@$turbation! Better get cracking on "Bake Sales to Buy Influence!" (TM applied for)

Anonymous said...

The tariffs really do not matter anymore. The world has moved on without us. Japan and the EU just did a major trade agreement which will go a long way toward filling the void that America left when it voluntarily withdrew from International Trade. There will be more agreements coming, none of which will involve America.