Tuesday, July 17, 2018

U. S. House passes Route 66 Centennial Commission Act

(From Fourth District Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler)

Yesterday the House passed, with my support, H.R.66, the Route 66 Centennial Commission Act. 

This is the second bill in the last two months that I have supported to preserve and promote the treasured history of Route 66, which cuts right through Missouri’s Fourth Congressional District. 

This bill establishes the Route 66 Centennial Commission to honor Route 66 on the occasion of its centennial anniversary in 2026. The Commission would study and recommend to Congress activities that are fitting and proper to celebrate that anniversary in a manner that appropriately honors America’s Mother Road. This measure also directs the Department of Transportation to prepare a plan for the preservation needs of Route 66.


Anonymous said...

Changing the subject are we? Why are you not praising the wonderful job the Idiot in White House did for the US yesterday. You are always agreeing with everything he does like Harvey Hutch. Seems republicans now are heading for their tunnels in shame for his latest lying job of protecting our country. I just hope that citizens in this country realize they were taken to the cleaners or bought a cheap suit when voting for this guy and make some serious changes this November.

Harvey Hutchinson said...

Anonymous 8:26 AM,
For your information ( notwithstanding your limited IQ) President Trump has acknowledged that he misspoke on the election meddling issue, and has stated he accepted the intel community findinds( these are the same wonderful folks who told Bush, Jr he’d fix WMD in Baghdad)
Many other parts of President Trumps remarks in that Press conference are spot on. The abuses/meddling occurred under President Obama’s; even after he claimed to have told Putin to:” knock it off” must not have knocked too much off. He also mocked candidate Mitt Romney in a Presidential debate when Romney confronted him with Russia; that seems to be fine and dandy with the Fake News.

And no Prrdident in decades had done anything on North Korea, and Obama loved Germany buying 30% of their energy from Russia, all the while the good ole US of A is paying 70% of NATO’s expenses to protect. Try explaining that twisted logic.

Harvey Hutchinson 303-522-6622 voice&text

Your Conscious said...


Trump is Putin’s puppet, the Russians wanted him because they can control him, he owes the Russian banks money because no US bank will loan to him after his four bankruptcies. Your assertion that the US is paying 70% of NATO expenses is demonstrably false. Read the link below from Politico, a fact checker, not opinion. You should really try to educate yourself on these issues before making false claims like Trump. SMDH


Anonymous said...

Harvey, did you ever wonder why you never got elected to any office you ever ran for? There is a reason and you can take that to the bank.

Anonymous said...

Oh Harv. You seem to be filling the role of the village "ifiot" again. (one of your typos from another of your texts) Trump has been in Russia's pocket since well before the 2012 election with loans from Russia to keep him out of bankruptcy. Your boy Trump won't show his tax returns after demanding your other boy Mutt Romney show his tax returns in 2012. Trumps lies and alternative facts are taking this country to the lowest it has ever been. Your limited IQ has shown repeatedly every time you post. You can't even seem to spell check your work. Check your second paragraph of crap and tell me what a Prrdident is. You seem to be content with the fake news and lies coming from your Prrdident. Again, you are living in your covfefe world of alternative facts and slobbering all over your treasonous orange moron. If the person that was doing all of this had a "D" beside their name, you would be screaming your hypocritical lungs out, crying for impeachment. And at least Obama wasn't kowtowing to Putin or holding some secret meeting with him to discuss how to further destroy democracy like your feckless leader. And one other thing, show links to your conspiracy lies.

Anonymous said...


If you’re going to run with Trump’s suggestion that the US pays 70% of NATO’s expenses, you might want to check the facts first. Fact Check is nonpolitical, they advocate for neither party, just the facts. They state the percentage is actually 22%, not 70%. Trump only admitted the intel community was right after he kissed Putin’s butt, and then he wouldn’t admit the Russians election meddling was to help Trump, as the intel communities have reported. Kim Jong Un, like Trump, now says he meant to say “wouldn’t” denuclearize. I know you only believe Greitens and Trump, but I’m posting the link to Fact Check.org disputing your nonsense.


Anonymous said...

@ 4:13 PM
Oh my. Posting links to actual facts? That is not fair. This "alternative facts" administration has the "National Enquirer" crowd all sewed up. They believe every word their orange despot says even when he says he didn't say it after he said it. (keeps their tiny minds confused while he works on his next batch of lies) Good Ol' Trumpy! Lord of the Lies!
Here is another link for you that shows how the moron lies:


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