Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Former Jasper R-5 Board secretary sentenced to two years, six months in prison

Karla Justice has six more weeks of freedom.

U. S. District Court Judge Douglas Harpool ordered Justice (formerly Jessee) to surrender herself by September 11 to begin a 30-month sentence for embezzling and fraud in connection with the theft of at least $145,716.81 from the Jasper R-5 School District.

The sentence came during a one hour, 15 minute this morning at the federal court building in Springfield and included Justice's allocution to her crimes and impact statements from R-5 Superintendent/High School Principal Christina Hess, former Superintendent Kathy Fall, Elementary Principal David Davis and third grade teacher Tami Maneval,

In addition to the 30-month sentence, Justice will be on supervised probation for three years after her release and will have to repay the amount she stole.

The judge ruled that Justice will serve her sentence at a facility near her family and will undergo mental health treatment.

The sentence was nearly everything the government asked for during a July 18 sentencing memorandum. The U. S. Attorney for the Western District of Missouri recommended 30 months, but asked for Justice to pay $165,344.85 to cover interest.

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Anonymous said...

Still not enough for all she has done but at least it wasn't a slop on the wrist.

proudly anonymous even if it gets Herveys knickers all in a twist said...

Playing the jeebus cards didn't work?

She gets locked up?

Time to call the Religious Liberty Task Force!

Former Jasper student said...

You know........ I would've NEVER in a million years- Seen this woman as a felon -_- Guess I've come to the conclusion that...THATS Jasper for ya! :/

Brian Switzer said...

Someone actually going to prison for white collar crime? What’d she, not have an attorney or something? Probation and restitution has become so standard in these embezzlement cases that I thought it wasn’t written into the law that way.