Monday, July 16, 2018

Request for Trump supporters- Can you explain how this makes America great again?

I give up.

I don't understand. I watched the joint news conference between President Trump and Vladimir Putin from Helsinki and I have no idea how this makes America great again.

Trump supporters, please explain this to me (in simple words so I can understand).


Anonymous said...

As Barack Obama said to Mitt Romney back in 2012 when Mitt opined that Russia was our #1 enemy: the 1980’s called and they want their foreign policy back. We aren’t in the cold war anymore. We don’t need to be increasing tensions with Russia and have that lead to potential outright hostilities. Russia isn’t our best friend; however, just because they aren’t our outright ally does not mean they must be our enemy. When Democrats start sounding like Bill Kristol regarding foreign policy then it’s time to take a step back and examine just why they have suddenly had an ideological and policy shift. In the past Democrats denigrated and advocated against the US as the worlds hegemon. Now they are taking on the Neoconservative advocacy of encouraging the US to be the world hegemon and interventionist police state. Suddenly Democrats care about Russia’s meddling in Ukraine and Syria and think the US should act as a policing force of Russian aggression.

Anonymous said...

Randy, it appears even your blog attracts Russian trolls, or at least someone who supports them. For whatever reasons, Trump is selling out this country. He attacks our closest allies in various ways and works to weaken our institutions, while praising and defending Putin, an ex-KGB thug who poisons his enemies and orchestrates cyber warfare against us. Make no mistake. Russia is an enemy, intent on destroying NATO and destabilizing our government. Trump is trying to align the United States with Russia and destroy our relationships with western democracies. There's a name for that.

Ochre Ogre Whisperer said...

Smart people like Randy just don't get it.

The party of tRUMP stands erect and salutes for Guns, Gawd and Grabbing 'em by the Pussy!

Steve Holmes said...

It's not just you, Randy. A lot of Republicans want the answers, too. 11:17, the situation has changed since Obama's presidency. I don't recall any allegations that Russia interfered with his elections. It makes me fuming mad that another country messed around in our elections (though, truth be told, we've done it, too).

Anonymous said...

The US has interfered with more countries elections then Russia (I can provide data to support this point).

We must understand that Russia is our REAL NUCLEAR THREAT - not North Korea. The US must understand that Russia has strategic interests just like the US. It is far better to be pragmatic in dealing with Russia and it is in the US interest to develop better relations.

The main reason why so many in congress DO NOT WANT THE US TO HAVE GOOD RELATIONS WITH RUSSIA - is that we need Russia to be the BOOGEYMAN - to justify HUGE national defense spending (that the US cannot afford).

Anonymous said...

Putin is a bigger, powerful bully than Trump. I’m kinda glad to see he had the good sense not to poke that bear. Whatever his motive might be. Time will tell if that contributes to MAGA.

I didn’t vote for Trump I VOTED AGAINSY HILLARY.

I didn’t particularly like him but was willing to give him a chance because he wasn’t a politician and maybe that could be a good thing. I think I was probably wrong. I’ll know by 2020 after all his decisions have had time to settle in and we can see the outcomes.

Your question isn’t going to get many serious comments from supporters because most don’t know what you’re even talking about. They don’t keep up with the news because the media (except Fox) picks on Trump. Many times I have asked supporters what they think about something he’s done, the majority respond with some version of “I like him because he don’t take no crap”. However, they don’t know what I’m talking about and that’s their best answer. It’s like a blind, defensive loyalty, and any challenge with facts seems to only deepen that loyalty.

Anonymous said...

It's the stable genius trying to lull Putin into a false sense of security. Once Trump has him where he wants him, he will swing his bone spurs into action pounce! HAHAHAHAHA! Just kidding. Trump being Trump, kowtowing to Putin and making sure he doesn't say anything to make his boss mad. He should have a hat that reads "Make Russia Great Again".

M orons
A re
G overning
A merica

Anonymous said...

Russia and the US are becoming the last protectors of western thought. We need to get along with them it only makes good sense for the survival of civil civilization.

David Hieber said...

I figured you were liberal. I've been reading your posts and blog for 60-90 days now. Informative yes, full of advertising and self-promotion, gotta make a buck I understand. Then this title question followed by the insulting "in simple words so I can understand". If that statement alone does not show your bleeding, leftist, liberal heart than call me a pinko commie (which I am not). It must suck having people show up at your door and punch you in the face, but I do respect that of you standing behind your own words, unlike some who comment here anonymously.

Enough ranting, let me answer your question as a Trump supporter: Did you ask where all the "Hope" and "Change" was from Obama after 8 long years in office" Can you tell me that please, in simple words I can understand?

As an old man who has seen several administrations, you should be well aware of how presidents use slogans, make promises and seldom keep them. Trump may be the most prolific user of his slogan since the election. Obama, as I remember, NEVER talked about the promise of "Hope & Change" after he won the presidency in 2008. Trump is a businessman, he knows branding and he also likes to box several countries all at once (metaphorically speaking). You see, one on one Trump might be a boob, unsavvy, and just plain ignorant. But collectively, when watched by outsiders around the world, they don't know what to think of Trump nor what might come next from him. That gives him an advantage in this metaphorical boxing match. He feints NATO, goes to the UK, denies previously said statements about Teresa May, then meets with Putin and denounces US intelligence (which I favor anyway after reading the Strzok-Page texts and the abuse of the FISA court wire-tap warrants). All very irrational moves, or so it seems.

Most people fear what they do not understand or cannot predict. President Trump actually IS making America Great Again because no one knows just how crazy this kook is, or how far to push him, or if they should at all!

Little Rocketman was all boisterous, shooting rockets over Japan and South Korea for the first 11 months of 2017. That has all stopped, and even this morning there was new satellite imagery that seems to verify the dismantling of a missile assembly plant.

But a year ago, EVERY damn news outlet cursed Trump for almost starting World War III. Guess what? One psycho to another, things slowed down and have changed. Maybe there will still be war with DPRK, but world leaders understand peace is more prosperous than war. And the same world leaders are greedy. Just like Germany wants to buy natural gas from Russia. Who knows why Trump said what he did, then retracted it over the course of the next few DAYS because the media was relentless. Maybe it had something to do with NATO, Germany or the UK. No one thinks of Trump actually being smart enough to play others at the bargaining table. They instead prefer to think of him as an idiot, a moronic buffoon who can’t tell his left shoe from his right one.

And this same buffoon has the intelligence required to have all of these back-channel communications with Russia and engineered with their assistance the biggest election heist in history?

Tell me, what sounds more foolish? Is Trump a moron or a genius? A war-monger or peacemaker?

I’ve made my decision, and I know Trump is MAGA, regardless of how you choose to “masterfully” interpret his lines (as an “independent” I’m sure). School teacher & reporter? And you have the audacity to question a man who, having NEVER served in public office IN HIS LIFE, ascends to the nation’s highest and most privileged seat?

Are you going to call him treasonous also? You were a teacher, what punishment is reserved for that crime? You watch the news outlets? Have you heard this from our own former intelligence analysts also (e.g. Brennan)? Yet you wonder why Trump questions them, SMH.