Friday, February 15, 2019

Hartzler: I stand with President Trump on the emergency declaration to protect the border

(From Fourth District Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler)

Today Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (MO-04) made the following statement after the President’s emergency declaration:

“The president’s emergency declaration today is needed to protect our border from the flow of deadly drugs into our communities and the illegal immigrants who circumvent our laws.

"Speaker Pelosi’s insistence on protecting illegal immigration over securing our border has left the President no choice but to declare an emergency. This could have been avoided.

“I appreciate the President’s resolve and determination to protect our borders and address the dangers of the deadly narcotics and illegal immigration that threaten our families and communities. 

"His emergency powers give him the authority to redirect funding to protect the American people, and I believe there are non-defense areas of the government where it is appropriate to do so. I stand by him on this issue, and I will continue to monitor this solution to ensure it champions national security as well as border security.”


Anonymous said...

It is obvious that republicans do not really believe in the constitution as he does have that power, but with limitations and Congress has to verify and allow that declaration which is not valid. There is no emergency and to take funds away from Congressional appropriations is not allowed unless Congress agrees to siphon those funds into a emergency. These clowns are backing a corrupt, president who favors Russia over his own citizens for his personal gain and his family and business cohorts personal financial gain. Everyone he has appointed or chosen to be his cabinet, judges and officials have been found to be incompetent or totally lacking any moral or personal character. Sickening what the party has become.

Anonymous said...

The Republican Party has always been that way. It is just that now they do not go to the trouble of hiding it because they have become a cult of radical Jingoists with a flag in one hand and a Bible in the other. "Do it in the name of Heaven, you can justify it in the end."

Anonymous said...

Did you honestly just quote the theme song "One Tin Soldier" from the movie Billy Jack in a so called political discussion, 6:04? And you did so while painting a stereotypical picture of someone with a different world view than you? You might want to go back and watch that movie again and really obsorb the message it is trying to convey. You know, tolerance and what not. On the other hand, you may not want to watch it because it is a piece of melodramatic, hippie trash that was as clueless then as it is today.

Anonymous said...

HEY! That was a great movie. As a teenager I watched it 5 or 6 Times. However, I don’t remember much about it. LOL
(same with Easy Rider)

Anonymous said...

5:47, oh it's a great movie in a horrible kind of way. I used to be in a group that got together and watched the whole series of Billy Jack movies from time to time. Alcohol was a must to get through any of them. We treated them as comedies than anything yo be taken seriously.