Monday, August 03, 2015

Graves: I am fighting to stop Planned Parenthood's repulsive behavior

(From Sixth District Congressman Sam Graves)

The right to life is our most important right. As a society, we have a responsibility to do all that we can to protect that right.

With every vile, heart-wrenching video of Planned Parenthood executives discussing the sale of aborted baby parts, it becomes more and more clear that the organization is more radical than we ever imagined. It is also clear that we must do everything possible to stop this repulsive behavior.

That is why I recently helped introduce a bill that would prevent federal taxpayer dollars from going to any Planned Parenthood clinic or affiliate that performs abortions.

Taxpayers should never be forced to fund an abortion against their will. It’s that simple.

The fight against Planned Parenthood will continue until they show they can respect the lives of all people – born or unborn.


Anonymous said...

This POS doesn't know what he's talking about. He's pandering to the conservative base, like the rest of his party. You know it's interesting/sad when undercover videos of so called "pregnancy crisis centers" showed them lying to women about Abortion, and there was zero outrage. But heaven forbid some heavily edited sting videos come out against Planned Parenthood and Republicans are losing their damn minds.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately my friend is misleading and distorting the turth, it is already federal law for many years that taxpayers are protected from paying for abortions except in the cases of rape, incest and the life of the mother. He is either ignorant of the federal law or intentionally misleading people in the use of federal taxes.

Anonymous said...

How many "crack" babies has he adopted?

Anonymous said...

How people can defend the sale of butchered baby bits, government subsidized or not, is beyond my understanding, aside from my intellectual studies of psychopathology and history; fortunately I've never been close to anyone that sociopathic.

As for the "edited" talking point, these "sting" organizations are careful to simultaneously release the complete raw videos. I'm not aware of anyone finding gotchas when the emphasized sections have more context; it's impossible for me to imagine any context that could make the "edited" portions look better, let alone good or tolerable.

Anonymous said...

The sale & use of human tissue for research is a SEPARATE topic. Tying this to the funding of Planned Parenthood is unacceptable and deceptive. Have any laws been broken? Have any charges been brought? Any indictments?