Sunday, March 05, 2017

Fox News Sunday profiles, fawns over Greitens

Fox News Sunday focused its Power Player of the Week at the end of today's program on Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens, offering a profile that praised the new governor, allowed him to attack his predecessor Jay Nixon and talked about his emphasis on ethics reform.

No mention is made of his accepting millions of dollars in campaign money that cannot be traced back to its actual donors. Nor is there any mention of his refusal to name the special interests who funded his inauguration activities.

Those things don't quite fit the profile.


Harvey Hutchinson said...

Thank God Nixon, the worst Govenor in Missouri's history
We have a great Govenor now who can help President Trump make America Great again

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Anonymous said...

Just another lyin' thief getting rich on our backs.

Harvey Hutchinson said...

Nixon and Obama are gone; speaking of lying thieves

Harvey Hutchinson voice&text 24/7

Anonymous said...

The lying thief is your fuhrer Hair Trump. You haven't figured out yet that you are paying for all of his Trump Tower security, Mar-a-Lago security and the Russia house yet have you Harvey. He said he would get rich being president. The fools that voted this lying, narcissistic National Enquirer white trash into the Russia House (a.k.a. White House) can atleast say that he didn't lie about that. By the way, you need to refund the money the Koch brothers are paying you. You are doing a sad job. Very sad. Hundreds of people tell me that. Believe me. SO SAD!