Monday, April 16, 2018

Ed Emery's thoughts on Greitens controversy: Republicans have not abandoned Biblical standards and where is the outcry against pornography

(From Sen. Ed Emery, R-Lamar)

Few if anyone is unaware of the first report released by the Missouri House of Representatives regarding the governor’s sexual infidelity and offenses. The House Committee report is beyond disturbing, and their work will continue as they examine additional allegations and seek agreement on what action is required. 

Only the most evil of political opponents would not grieve over the pain that has been inflicted and continues to be inflicted on everyone affected. Multiple individuals and families need our prayers as well as does every branch of government.

I am struck nonetheless by the contrast of perspectives. A constituent visiting the Capitol remarked to me that if the governor had driven drunk and plunged into a lake and drowned a young woman he could still serve in the U.S. Senate. Or it could be added, that had he performed lewd sexual acts with an intern during his term of office and inside the Oval Office, history suggests he would not be removed from office.

It was the 42nd president who perfected the notion that immoral personal acts should not interfere with governing – even when those acts are performed in office. 

Republicans, however, have generally not abandoned Biblical standards and are therefore held to a higher standard, even by the very ones who have abandoned those Biblical standards.

In my opinion, what is unveiled by a personal moral failure may be a reflection of a disturbing and invasive social evil – that of the proliferation of pornography and modern culture’s ambivalence toward it. 

Far too often, such behavior grows out of an exposure to pornography. No informed and right-minded person would deny that pornography is addictive and that it therefore can only be satisfied by increased dosages. Eventually the imagination is insufficient and only actions will satisfy. Where is the outcry against the evil of pornography?


No puppet BUT PORNO OVER THERE said...

like slim pickens, emery gonna ride the bomb, say'n wahoo the whole way down

No puppet BUT PORNO OVER THERE said...

To prevent confusion the popular culture reference is:

Major Kong Rides the Bomb

Anonymous said...

Everyone is sick of hearing about the moral failures of our elected leaders, the media "promoting" the whores who are accusing them. None are innocent, they are all guilty.

Also, let he without sin . . .

It's all old news.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Lots of explaining ... Too bad folks are getting so hardened to the most egregious behavior it's no longer newsworthy. If porno's effect is collective, isn't telling lies, and being unfaithful abandoning Biblical standards?

Unknown said...

Senator Emery is spot on.

A much worse whore than Stormy Daniels is her despicable pin head lawyer; doesn’t this guy just ooze with slime?

Harvey Hutchinson 303-522-6622 voice&text

Anonymous said...

Same amount of slime as you Harvey.

Anonymous said...

This must be covered somewhere in the rebiblican "Biblical standards" that Ed thinks his boy Greitens is following:

Governor Greitens went to church, prayed, hit return on his device, and wallah A BONER FIDE MIRACLE! (allegedly)

"Jefferson City

Attorney General Josh Hawley announced Tuesday that his office has uncovered potential criminal wrongdoing by Gov. Eric Greitens, a fellow Republican, and has turned that evidence over to the St. Louis prosecutor.

Hawley said that during an investigation into the Mission Continues, a charity founded by Greitens, his office "uncovered evidence of wrongdoing that goes beyond Missouri’s charity laws" and indicates "potentially criminal acts were committed by Gov. Eric Greitens."

Hawley, who is a candidate for U.S. Senate, said his team found evidence that Greitens allegedly obtained and transmitted the charity’s donor list for political fundraising. He said there is no evidence of wrongdoing by the charity, only by the governor.

“And he did all of this without permission of the Mission Continues,” Hawley said.

“This is known as computer tampering. And given the value of the list in question, it is a felony.”


Anonymous said...

Does not cutting money to family planning, children's education, health care fall under some part of not doing the biblical thing? Republicans also cut or prevent people from making a wage that is necessary in our larger towns and therefore not the biblical thing. Most two faced bunch of people in the world and having the least concern for fellow mankind and how they survive, learn and prosper. Still seems kind of silly when economists tell us that for every dollar earned in community it comes back to the community about 7 fold and with it the tax revenue needed for the community to improve. They failed Econ 101 and excelled at Greed 401.

Anonymous said...

For Ed Emery to blame the ethical short comings Gov. Greitens on pornography is laughable. I agree with 11:13 a.m....the greater sin of Gov. Greitens and the Republican controlled legislature is the cutting of funds for family planning, children's health and education, fighting against higher living wages, etc., etc. Mr. Emery needs to re-read his Bible and maybe do more of what Christ taught and not preach to the rest of us about Biblical Standards.