Friday, April 20, 2018

Neosho R-5 PR director offers no reason to News-Leader for Decker being placed on leave- but sends information about Goodman project

Maybe Meagan Spangler was trying to tip off the Springfield News-Leader as to why Neosho R-5 Superintendent Dan Decker was placed on paid administrative leave earlier this week or maybe it was just a mistake.

Spangler, the district's public relations director, followed the company line and stayed mum about the reasons for the change in Decker's status, but included some extra information for News-Leader education reporter Claudette Riley.
Asked to provide a statement regarding the superintendent's paid leave, Spangler also sent details concerning Goodman Elementary School. It was not immediately clear why.

The News-Leader then used information from the Neosho Daily News and Joplin Globe articles on the board meeting to explain that the $10.7 million Decker told the board earlier this month that the district would receive in insurance payment would cover most of the cost for the $11 million rebuilding of Goodman Elementary, turned out to be only $8.1 million.

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Hugh Janus said...

No news is good news!

Anonymous said...

The most trusted voice in Neosho.... Ms. Spangler

dougjoyce said...

If a state audit is not warranted now it would never be. If the cost is the reason than how much is not having one cost? We need to work with state to reduce these costs..Maybe we coouls adjust the cost to be a per student charge...

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure Dan Decker has lawyered up. If Spangs was half as smart as she thinks she is she would not be sending information out to anyone. Especially to media sources not typically concerned with what is happening in Neosho, MO. What is her intent? To smear his name even more? She’s setting herself up to be included in a lawsuit. But of course, she’s not experienced and probably has not had any law courses on what can/should be done in these situations. No leader in place and she’s just doing what she wants!!! And we all know Sears can’t help. She can’t do her own job!! These two running the show is just absolutely ridiculous and embarrassing for Neosho!!