Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Reader on Neosho R-5 PR director: Consider her workload before you criticize how much money she makes

A comment received on Monday's Turner Report post on the power the Neosho R-5 School District has given to 26-year-old public relations director Meagan Spangler and her $65,000+ a year salary offers a different point of view and insists that she deserves the money she is receiving because of all of the responsibility she has been given.

The comment is printed below:

In regards to compensation, perhaps it's worth considering for a moment the workload and stress being asked of a person in her position. 

That role, for that district, is not an easy job. Not even a "kind of challenging somedays" job. Yes, she is relatively young. And yes, the market rate of educators has traditionally and unfortunately been low, and that sucks. We all know that. But look at the scope of the projects she has been asked to manage in addition to her full-time duties.

The district's administration has clearly put some big projects on her shoulders and entrusted her to carry them out. Top that off with the fact that she's in a role in which everything she does is open to public scrutiny like this. (Everybody has tough stuff at work - now imagine your challenges, especially as a young professional, splashed all over the web on a regular basis along with your photo and glaring headlines reminding everyone of how old you are and what you make. Sounds like a dream job.)

If these former/current personnel have an issue with the administration - which this article really seems to be about - then why isn't this post focusing more on the admins and their relationships with the teachers?

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Anonymous said...

You are making his point. A young non-education professional working in a school district and being given those responsibilities and the pay related to those responsibilities that she was in no way ready to take on. Believe me, I worked for the district. I am one of the many who abandoned the sinking ship that is NSD. No amount of PR is going to fix the problems that Decker/Crawley created. Those who have left are so grateful for the blessings of being where we are now. Free of an admin full of fear and intimidation. I left of my own free will. I was an employee for many years and other administrations. It was easy to see where they were taking us. Many more are leaving or applying to leave. Do the numbers and compare to other districts. NSD is toxic.

Anonymous said...

A big problem in this district no doubt is the leadership. From the board of education to central office admin. Decker cannot lead. Can not communicate. He cannot address issues that need to be dealt with. CO is such a toxic place to be and work. He tells everyone that but yet HE IS THE LEADER!! Decker and the board allowing Spangler to get involved in educational tasks and decisions that she has NO experience in or training in. Her work load! From what I understand she is rarely working but can be found hanging out in one of the high paid secretaries offices visiting for hours. My colleagues and I who teach would love to have the opportunity to sit down for hours to visit during the day. But we have important work to do...teach our students! We have a tremendous work load! We have an Asst supt of Curriculum who has no clue what she is doing. It’s a disaster. She has no respect in this district. Look at our student data. Question the board and asst supt Sears as to why the scores aren’t being discussed publicly like they have always been. Since Sears has taken over the scores have dropped tremendously. Teachers know this and several have put data together to show the downhill spiral. But the literacy program in which we have now hired 6 literacy coaches or will have by end of year was to improve test scores and achievement. BUT data shows otherwise. True, honest data, not what they put together for the board. Anyone can manipulate data to make it look good. Seats stated it was going to take 3 years to show improvement when she implemented this program. Now when you here her speak it’s going to take 5-10 years before we see the improvement. I suppose when we get to year 10 it will change to 15-20 years. How many literacy coaches will we have hired by then? How many thousands and thousands of dollars wasted. Teachers hate the program but won’t speak up because again Douglas and Day area personally involved in the hiring of a specific coach. And the board just keeps on buying it????? Again, leadership is an issue! Randy I wish one of the teachers would share their student data documentation with you so you could share with the community. But they fear Douglas or Day finding out and then losing their job. The community has a right to know and they need to see what is really happening...that their students are being done such a disservice. The reason Spangler is involved in the CSIP is more then likely because asst. supt. Sears has no idea how to do/organize/develop a CSIP Plan. Everything the asst supt of Curriculum used to do Sears has put off on someone else to do. We are not sure what she really does. We know you can never find her, get an answer to emails or get a return phone call. But I guess Decker and the board are on with this behavior. I know complaints were made but apparent nothing done about it. Such a sad state of affairs for our community. So many good teachers leaving and looking to leave.

Anonymous said...

Anybody hear how much the substitute teacher settle out of court for? I would really like to know. That is one thing that's bad about this school district is if you speak out against them prepare to get fired or harassed.

Anonymous said...

How many children will graduate from this school district and not have the education they need to continue on into adulthood with an education that will make them more than a fry cook? From first hand knowledge I know of graduates as far back as 1981, that cannot read. That is a whole different subject.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if parents were more involved... even if the school is completely incompetent, a parent can teach a child to read. My daughter was reading before she ever stepped foot in a school. But that is a whole different subject.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh, what will Spangs do now without her confidant on the board ??? Her biggest fan gone!! Boy did the people of Neosho speak last night!! Sears and her literacy program and not being competent??? Oh the tides are turning. Thinking these two should be very, very worried!!!

Anonymous said...

The voters bought a new directional sign yesterday?


Anonymous said...

Your daughter may have been reading when she started school but has her reading improved? Parents are working with their children at home when they are home. Not when they are working to pay higher taxes to throw a bine to a PR director with no experience.

I am a robot. said...

Isn't a PR director for a public entity kind of like speaying air freshener on a pile of poo? Clean up the poo and you won't need to mask the stench. If not, the poo hardens and it becomes like a piece of furniture. People set their drinks on it, having become accustomed to its presence, and blind to its true nature.

Anonymous said...

Nailed it!