Friday, April 20, 2018

Greitens indicted on second felony charge, charged with using veterans charity donor list to finance his campaign

The Circuit Attorney for the City of St. Louis filed a second felony charge against Gov. Eric Greitens this afternoon, charging with computer tampering.

Greitens allegedly illegally used the donor list for the veterans charity he founded, The Mission Continues, to raise millions for his 2016 campaign.

Greitens is already facing a felony invasion of privacy charge.

The latest charge comes following an investigation by the attorney general's office.

Attorney General Josh Hawley announced Tuesday that his investigators uncovered evidence indicating Greitens may have illegally used the donor list, but he said his office does not have the authority to prosecute the case and that he had turned over all information to the Circuit Attorney for the City of St. Louis City Attorney. The statute of limitations for prosecuting the offense is rapidly approaching, Hawley said, though he did not specify the deadline.

The information has also been shared with the House Committee investigating Greitens for possible impeachment charges.

Hawley said his office would cooperate with the City Attorney and the House Committee helping in any way it can.

The attorney general said his office is still investigating Greitens' dealjngs with The Mission Continues.


Anonymous said...

No joke this governor guy really acts like a Dook University graduate!

Concerned citizen said...

Resign now

Anonymous said...

Watching how he ran his campaign and knowing some other "Seals" I am not surprised of his less than honorable acts. This guy is the poster child of the corrupt political system we now have and taken to highest level by state and federal republican politicians. No surprise he did so well in Missouri as it is the "please do not show me the real person" as evident in Blunt and Long. No one, democrat or republican, can be a "saint", but there should be a limit at what limit they go to achieve being a representative of our citizens. Most disturbing is the lack of outcry by our religious leaders at these acts and lack of concern over what is being done to those in obvious need and protection of our environment which benefits everyone. Protection of nature should be highest act of any politician.

Anonymous said...

"Religious Leaders" is the ultimate oxymoron. They are neither religious nor are they leaders. They are only in for the money, and make no mistake, the God Business is where the money is at.

Evan Gelical said...

They are simply reading from the "New Republican Translation" of the bible. The Ten Commandments are as follows:

1. Thou shalt not tax the rich.
2. Thou shalt not tax corporations.
3. Thou shalt not fine corporations for poisoning land, water or air.
4. Thou shalt strive to find rich lobbyists to pad thy pockets and write laws to benefit corporations and the rich.
5. Thou shalt keep the minimum wage low as to benefit no one but the rich.
6. Thou shalt increase taxes on consumable goods for the lower and middle class while allowing corporations and the rich to claim these as exemptions.
7. Thou shalt not provide adequate health care.
8. Thou shalt diminish education funding.
9. Thou shalt not adhere to, or be held accountable to the same laws, morals and ethics that all other parties are to be held accountable to.
10.The Golden Rule is "He who has the gold makes the rules.

Sky Daddy said...

The Republican Eleventh Commandment (as revealed to the unwashed masses by Saint Ronald of Raygun):

“Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican.”