Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Hawley campaign video doesn't deliver what it promises- McCaskill talking about the f-----g Russians

I was never under the impression that Sen. Claire McCaskill did not occasionally use profane language, but when I saw that Attorney General Josh Hawley's Senate campaign team was touting a video that had McCaskill blaming Hillary Clinton's loss on the f-----g Russians, I had to check it out.

The 25-second YouTube video doesn't deliver what it promises. It has an overly portentous narrator telling us that McCaskill said that and a reporter heard it on election night.

It appears more like the act of a flailing campaign which can't find anything to use against McCaskill, so it plans to say Hillary Clinton's name over and over and expect Missourians, in a Pavlovian reflex action, to vote for Hawley.

The news release from the Hawley campaign and the video are below:

Election night 2016: the most powerful country in the world is celebrating their voices once again being heard and their new president being elected. Even those who didn’t vote for our president understood that it was the will of the American people.

Except for Senator Claire McCaskill. When the results came in, Senator McCaskill said, “it was the F****** Russians.

Senator McCaskill is so out of touch with her own state, she cannot fathom that the president we voted for could possibly have been elected through the will of the people. In her mind, if Hillary Clinton isn't president, then the results don't count.

We deserve a senator who understands our state better than they understand Washington D.C. I promise to be that senator, and I need your help getting there.

Please show your support by donating to Team Hawley before April is over, and help us reach our end of the month fundraising goals. Together, we will make our voices heard in D.C. once again.

For Missouri,

Josh Hawley


Anonymous said...

Poor liddle Hawley. Maybe you can go talk to Unca Donald and see if he can help you. He can use some good language for you. He has the best words.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Tell me about it. I live in Southwest Missouri where I am surrounded by Hillbilly Rock Farmers who think they are Republicans.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Now don't go calling Hawley an idiot. "Moron" like your president is OK but idiot is a little harsh.

Anonymous said...

The comments so far, appear to made by liberal idiots. Yes, the word Idiot is fitting.

Anonymous said...

You are still an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Right wing nut jobs control the house, senate and whitehouse. Yes, the word idiot is fitting.

Anonymous said...

Every right leaning person is a nut job. Every left leaning person is perfect?
You are lemming who contributes to this country's dysfunction.