Sunday, April 22, 2018

Kimberling City Republican on Greitens situation: All we need is an elephant, a tiger and a ringmaster to have a full circus

(From Rep. Don Phillips, R-Kimberling City)

The Drama Continues in the Capitol City
All we need is an elephant, a tiger and a ringmaster to have a full circus in town!  This past week saw the house investigative committee hard at work again. We expect to release a supplement to the original report this coming week. In the meantime, on Tuesday, Missouri’s Attorney General, Josh Hawley, announced that his investigation revealed the Governor had allegedly committed computer tampering regarding a list of donors to the “The Mission Continues,” the pro-veterans charity the Governor founded.

Note:  It’s a felony to use a non-profit organization's donor list for soliciting campaign contributions. On Friday, the St. Louis Prosecuting Attorney’s office announced the Governor had been charged with suspicion of stealing an electronic list of donors. This charge was based on complaint information and not a grand jury indictment. In advance of this hoopla, the Governor filed for a temporary restraining order to halt the Attorney General’s investigation. On Thursday, a Cole County judge ruled against the Governor’s request and on the same day Judge Burlison in St. Louis, ruled against the Governor’s request to drop the criminal charges of invasion of privacy.

Special Session
There’s a strong possibility of a special session being called to specifically deal with articles of impeachment. It takes a 75% vote of the House of Representatives to call ourselves into special session. Usually this is done by the Governor but obviously he’s not going to call a special session in this case. Speaker Richardson is collecting signatures to call forth special session. The intent is to begin as soon as the regular session is finished on May 18 th .

HR 6783 Filed
On April 17th, Rep. Gail Beatty, minority floor leader, filed House Resolution 6783, that authorizes the House Investigative Committee on Oversight to introduce articles of impeachment against Governor Eric Greitens upon a finding of good cause. At this time, HR 6783 has not been referred to our committee. If or when it gets referred, the committee will determine if there is indeed cause to introduce articles of impeachment.

Calls for Resignation
Several high level political leaders have called for the Governor to resign immediately because of a loss of confidence in his ability to effectively lead the state, moving forward. Thus far, the Governor has refused to resign citing all charges as untrue.

Investigative Committee
Our committee will meet again this Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and probably Thursday to continue investigating the actions of Governor Greitens.


Anonymous said...

Would love to look in some of the closets of the people calling for his resignation. And take the word of a women who has an affaire with a married man,knowing that was married.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify:
This article is about the felonious use of the donor list of a non-profit organization by Greitens.
In the affair, both were married and the woman's now-ex-husband brought it to light.

Anonymous said...

But you WILL take the word of a married man that had an affair with a married woman, knowing she was married? Oh, but wait.......he has a "R" beside his name making it OK by republican standards. Just look at your so called president.

Anonymous said...

What's the cost of having a special session?

Anonymous said...

What's the cost of having rebiblicans in charge?

Anonymous said...

Less than the cost of having a democrat in charge. Remember, greitens was never Republican he was always a Democrat. I don't care what he said one year before he ran, the guy has the morals of a Democrat clearly.

I.M. Peachem said...

Clearly the ethics and morals of a Republican. Following in Trump's footsteps. Trump was a Democrat before he "became" a republican. Greitens started his run in 2015 as a Republican because he knew democrats wouldn't vote for him. He clearly showed all you need in Missouri is a "R" beside your name. The same tactic your president used.

M orons
A re
G overning
A merica

Anonymous said...

Hypocrites on the left. Is Trump a picture of morality? No. However the people that are so quick to point fingers at him for moral shortcomings before he was elected are the same people who hold Bill Clinton up as a great president. The things that Clinton did before he was elected president are far worse than anything Trump has done or been accused of doing. If having moral high ground is our litmus test for being a good president, then this country hasn't had many good ones.