Monday, June 25, 2018

Creve Coeur Democrat: Gov. Parson and I will disagree on issues, but he is a man of integrity

(From Sen. Jill Schmitt, D-Creve Coeur)

In the past month since session ended, much has happened. Now "Former" Governor, Eric Greitens resigned, bringing House impeachment proceedings to an end.

Meantime, former Lt. Governor, Mike Parson, has become Governor Mike Parson. Having served with him as a Senate colleague, and later as he presided over the Senate as Lt. Governor, I have come to know him well and respect him. He and I are working together on dealing with the problem of deaths of infants and young children in what are currently unlicensed daycare centers.

While Governor Parson and I will have strong disagreements on several issues, he is a person whom I believe brings integrity and heart to his service on behalf of the people of our state.


Harvey Hutchinson said...

Senator Schmidt has the right attitude. Maxine Waters and Chuck Schumer could learn a lot from her.

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Anonymous said...

As could your orange fool that you call president.