Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Joplin man charged with kidnapping, assault, connected to Christmas Eve murder

A Joplin man who was arrested on kidnapping and assault charges earlier today was also connected to the Christmas Eve 2017 murder of Sean Harris, 43, Joplin, according to Jasper County Circuit Court documents.

Moses Ramsey, 28, Joplin, and Sergio Zuniga, 24, Webb City, were arrested after Joplin Police responded to a report this afternoon that a man had been beaten and tied up at 2025 South Murphy.

From the Joplin Police Department news release:

Detectives responded to the address and attempted to make contact. A female came to the door, spoke to detectives through the secured door but refused to open it. Based on the knowledge that a male in the residence, Moses Ramsey, had city warrants, entry was forced into the residence by Joplin Police Detectives and Officers. Moses Ramsey was found hiding in a closet and was arrested on his warrants.

A male victim was located in the residence with head trauma and other injuries from being assaulted. METS and Joplin Fire, who had staged in the area for the call, immediately began medical treatment and transported the victim to a local hospital.

Ramsey was initially charged with first degree murder in connection with Sean Harris' death, but the charge was dropped, though charges remain against Artilius Jordan, 47, the man police say pulled the trigger.

According to the probable cause statement in that case, Jordan shot Sean Harris in cold blood December 24, because he believed Harris was having sex with his girlfriend,

Jordan went to a home at 627 S. Byers Avenue where his girlfriend was and where Harris was visiting to confront him, according to the statement. Jordan was accompanied by Moses Ramsey and Joseph Czahor.

Harris was coming down the stairs of the apartment building when Jordan pulled a handgun and with Ramsey's encouragement, shot Harris at least twice, with one of the shots hitting him in the chest, according to the probable cause statement. Harris died at Freeman West Hospital.

Jordan, who is charged with first degree murder, two counts of assault and three counts of armed criminal action is scheduled to go to trial May 13, 2019.


Anonymous said...

I thought that if you were involved in a crime that resulted in a death, you were automatically charged in that murder.
Why was this evil violent criminal released back out into the public again?
He has a long violent criminal history.
Why are the local courts allowing him back on the streets?
He needs a life sentence.

Anonymous said...

HELLO--WAKE UP Joplin Court System
This guy is a violent thug and should be locked up for good. Not free to run the streets looking for new victims!!

Ramsey pleaded guilty on July 19, 2014, to felony possession of a controlled substance, after a Joplin Police Department traffic stop turned up meth in his vehicle. He was sentenced to three years in prison to run concurrently with a three-year sentence on a felony domestic assault charge, with the probable cause statement in that case indicating Ramsey terrorized his girlfriend:

On January 10, 2014, Joplin police officers responded to a call of a man who was "acting crazy' with a gun at 110 N. Sergeant Avenue.

A woman told police her boyfriend of three to four months, Moses Ramsey "choked and hit her" that morning Another witness verified the statement, according to the document.

After Ramsey was arrested, the woman told police that Ramsey had assaulted her several times.

On January 7, 2014 "Ramsey choked her on her couch, cut her with a knife and head butted her three times in the face. (She) stated that Ramsey then put both of his hands around her throat and squeezed (She) stated that she had trouble breathing when Ramsey choked her. (She) stated that Ramsey then took the steak knife against her chest and started making small scrapes on her skin and threatened to kill her."

The abuse continued two nights later, according to the probable cause statement. "Ramsey acted like he had a handgun in his waistband and threatened to shoot her with the gun. (She) stated that she did not see the gun, but there was an unknown object on Ramsey's right hip. (She) stated that she has observed Ramsey with a gun in the past. Ramsey hit her in the face with a plastic container.

"(She) started that Ramsey also grabbed around her neck with his two hands and forced her down onto the bed in front of her friend. (She) stated that Ramsey then head butted her in the face when she refused to leave the house with him. (She) stated that when Ramsey observed police officers outside of the house he told her to cover up her face with makeup and started to look for places to hide."

The probable cause statement said the woman had "multiple dark bruises on her face and stated that has been to Freeman Urgent Care for her injuries. (She) stated that she has to have her nose reset because Ramsey broke it when he head butted her on January 7, 2014.