Sunday, June 03, 2018

New governor Mike Parson calls for honesty, integrity

In his first speech as Missouri governor, Mike Parson promised to bring "honesty, integrity and transparency" to the governor's office.

Meanwhile, even though Eric Greitens is no longer governor, he continues to fight to keep the identities of his donors a secret.

The video is from KMBC in Kansas City.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic. When will it start?

Bubba Billy said...

Pretty much like when them boys was in high school and were fixin up cars and trucks.

Slapped a coupla gallons of bondo on all the rust, squirt some cheap primer on it, use the spring shackles to get the butt up high enough to clear them fat tires. If you needed even moar powah and street cred then get busy with the racing company window stickers!

Give it about six months to get the bondo cracking and fallin out a pound or two at a time and do it all over again.

When the wheels got a little newer you could always add the cat converter test pipes to git-r-dun.

Anonymous said...

On a positive note we have the state auditor that is ferreting out corruption and mismanagement in state government. This could be a career job for her and maybe her pay and her staff pay be given what or high percentage of what they find wrong with the system. Imagine the jealously of other government workers seeing them make hundreds of thousands of dollars because they find how well they are doing their job and how lousy the other workers are doing theirs?

Anonymous said...

Who is the guy whom looks like Denny Hastert?