Thursday, June 07, 2018

Cummins officially signs contract to become Neosho R-5 superintendent, salary set at $175,000, benefits detailed

The paperwork was completed today and Jim Cummins officially signed a contract to become the next superintendent of the Neosho R-5 School District, replacing Dan Decker, who is on paid administrative leave through the end of this month.

Cummins' three-year deal, which will take him through the 2020-2021 school year, calls for him to receive $175,000 the first year, then in each of the following years he will receive an increase of not below one percent and not more than three percent.

The district will pay for Cummins to join the American Association of School Administrators, Missouri Association of School Administrators, Missouri State Teachers Association and one local service club of his choice. The contract says Cummins can take requests to add other organizations to the Board of Education for its approval.

Under the terms of the contract, Cummins is not allowed to "engage in any pursuit that interferes" with his duties, but it allows him to do the following if they do not fall into that category:

-Consultation work

-Speaking engagements


-Teaching a college or university course


Cummins will receive the same board-paid insurance as other district employees and will have 15 vacation days per year, as well as the same amount of sick leave days as other staff members.

Each year, Cummins can ask the board to extend his contract by an additional year.

Cummins, who is serving as Seneca R-7 superintendent through June 30, will become Neosho superintendent July 1. Joplin High School Principal Brandon Eggleston will take the helm at Seneca July 1.

Cummins was formerly an assistant superintendent in the Neosho district and has been at Seneca for the past four years.

Finances are the speciality of Cummins, who was vice president of finance at Crowder College before taking the Seneca position.

He has also held administrative positions at Diamond, where he was a principal for a year, Wheaton, where he was superintendent for three years and Neosho and Carl Junction where he served in assistant superintendent positions.


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Anonymous said...

JFC...No superintendent is worth that much.

Anonymous said...

OMFG. $175000!?!?!? I thought this nonsense was going to stop but instead the good ol boy system appears to be alive and well. Fist they don't advertise the position to see if they can attract a top candidate, then they give and outlandish salary to the guy who threw a childish fit in the middle of the year several years ago and quit? What?

Anonymous said...

The rule of thumb used to be you pay your superintendent no more than twice the salary of your highest paid teacher.

This guy, and his area cohorts, are seriously way, way, way overpaid.

Anonymous said...

Missouri schools have seen a huge increase in the number of administrative positions and superintendent salaries in the past 12 years. Superintendent salaries have increased 31% while teacher salaries have stagnated at 7%. Lee's Summit takes the cake in administrative fat salaries...$4.6 million a year split between 26 administrators.

Anonymous said...

Seems a bit excessive. Doesn't bode well for the surrounding districts' admin costs, does it? This the right way to spend taxpayer money? (Note: Don't know the guy and am not a resident of the District; it's an outsider's opinion.)

Anonymous said...

Also, if they fire his butt first year he will make a cool, huh?