Monday, June 18, 2018

Joplin assistant high school principal resigns, follows Eggleston to Seneca R-7

The Seneca R-7 Board of Education hired Dan Hueller, who has been an assistant high school principal at Joplin R-8 as high school principal.

The move reunites Hueller with former JHS Principal Brandon Eggleston, who will take over as R-7 superintendent July 1.

In an article in the June 13 Newton County News, Eggleston praised Hueller:

Dan is a special guy.  He has the ability to create those relationships with kids. He has a deep understanding of what it takes for kids to graduate. Not only the kids that need that push, but also the kids that need to be challenged to excel.
Hueller has been an assistant principal at Joplin for the past 12 years.. Previously, he served as Sarcoxie High School principal.

Hueller will replace Richie Fretwell, who resigned to follow former Seneca R-7 Superintendent Jim Cummins to Neosho. Cummins is replacing Dan Decker, who remains on administrative leave through the end of this month.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lord another Joplin flunky!!!

Anonymous said...

Another Joplin flunky? What is that suppose to mean?

Anonymous said...

Want to revisit the 1960's? Move to Seneca.

Anonymous said...

Dan's an OG. I'd follow him into battle.

To me, this says more about Egg's character than anything.

Anonymous said...

Seneca, please keep them.