Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Joplin R-8 Board hires high school principal, five teachers, accepts one teacher resignation

During a closed session Thursday, the Joplin R-8 Board of Education approved the hiring of four administrators, including High School Principal Shane Hopper, hired five teachers, approved the renewal of a probationary teacher's contract and accepted the resignation of one teacher.

Administrators (Critical Shortage) - Janet Earl and Ronald Lankford

Administrators - Shane Hopper and Penny Williams.

6-1 vote with Lori Musser casting the "no' vote

Certified Employment - Katie Bozarth, Kacey Kimbrough, Somer Quade, Tona Stanley, and Don Turnbull.

Probationary Teacher Renewal - Micah Patterson

Classified Employment - Demetrius Carr, Craig Cole, Dawn Craig, Nathan Shoup, and Dave Visser.

Certified Resignation - Stacey Massey

Classified Separations - Tasha Alvis, David Balcom, Dellana Ball, Sarah Crossley, Whitney Cummings, Heather Farris, Becky Fife, Crystal Hope, Eve Lauriault, Nalynn Morris, Holly Parks, Christina Phelps, Charla Selix, Rebekah Seward, William Shepherd, Anita Stokes, and Kent Yetter.


Anonymous said...

What is a "Probationary Teacher Renewal?" Has this person done something wrong?

Anonymous said...

No, All teachers are probationary teachers until the receive tenure.