Friday, June 15, 2018

McCaskill on regulations: I will always fight for common sense, reasonable rule to protect consumers, keep Missourians safe

(From Sen. Claire McCaskill)

Since I got to the Senate, I've been fighting red tape in our bureaucracy: but this is really something else.

One of the WORST examples of silly regulations I've come across was one rule that required a Missouri magician to register his rabbit - Casey - with the government...

... and create a disaster contingency plan for his rabbit
... and anticipate surprise visits from federal regulators
... and create travel contingency plans anytime they leave the state.

Well that regulation was just plain dumb.
And not only was it silly, it was a huge waste of time and money for everyone involved.

That's why I fought so hard to fix this regulation.

And it's why I'm so excited to tell you about our big win: after years of calling on both past and present Secretaries of Agriculture to make a commonsense exemption to this rule, we've finally gotten it fixed.

You know, as excited as I am about this victory, I know that of course not all regulations are dumb, silly, or stupid.

Lots of them exist for two good reasons: to protect our health and safety.

Many of the things we take for granted every day, like driving a car, are made safer by rules requiring seatbelts, airbags, and car seats: but not all regulations are created equal.

I guess you could say that when it comes to government regulations, I'm a bit like Goldilocks.

It's easy to tell when there's too much or too little regulation - the challenge is finding the middle ground that's just right.

That's why I worked across the aisle to pass into law bipartisan reforms to cut red tape and streamline the federal permitting process for complex infrastructure progress.

It's also why I worked with my Republican colleagues to reduce regulations on small, community banks so they can lend to small businesses and families that are looking to invest in their communities.

I guess what I'm saying is that I can promise you this:

When it comes to regulations, I'll always fight for common sense, reasonable rules that protect consumers and keep Missourians safe and healthy.

But when I see the government try to enact dumb regulations - like on a small-town magician and his bunny - I'm always eager to arm-wrestle federal bureaucrats on behalf of Missourians.


Anonymous said...

A Dem against government regulations? Ha...

Concerned citizen said...

Retire Claire,she has her chance to do good..

Anonymous said...

She has a lot of gall acting all republican like being against regulations! Who needs clean air, water and land? There's big money to be made and we can't be wasting any of that green resource worrying about frickin' regulations! The corporations need that money to make sure to buy back stock to improve their investors portfolios. Common sense regulations....HAH! The only common sense needed is to make sure big corporations keep getting their taxes cut and giving their CEOs million dollar bonuses! It's just that simple. She is actually trying to use health and safety concerns as good reasons for regulations? What a load! Stinkin' democrat.