Saturday, January 26, 2019

Candidates for Joplin, area school board, municipal elections listed

Listed below are candidates in some of the local school board and municipal race:

City of Jasper

Mayor- Paul M. “Dusty” Nelson, Raymond Brown, Bill Hulstine, Jerry F. Ogle

City Council East Ward, Mike Sisseck, Robert Curtis, Charles Schlichting

West Ward- Christian “Jim” Ogle, Mark Weng (incumbent)

City of Lamar

Mayor- Kent Harris (incumbent)

City Council Ward One- Judd Chesnut (incumbent)

City Council Ward Two- Mike Hull (incumbent)

City Council Ward Three- Brian Griffith (incumbent)

City Council Ward 4- Bill Talbott (incumbent).

City of Carl Junction

Mayor Mark Powers and incumbent aldermen LaDonna Allen, Mark Satterlee, Richard Zaccardelli and Rick Flinn are running unopposed.
Carl Junction Board of Education

Running for two three-year positions- Larry R. Cowger, incumbent, Terra Higgins, Robert Hays. Larry R. Cowger currently holds one seat, and he has filed for reelection. Challenging Cowger will be Terra Higgins and Robert Hays.

Carthage R-9 Board of Education

(Running for two three-year seats) Justin Baucom (incumbent) Niki Cloud (incumbent), Wayne Jones, Jorge Alvarado,  Craig Diggs.

Carthage City Council 

(Running unopposed for two-year seats)- David Armstrong, James Harrison, Ceri Otero

Ward Four- Alan Snow, incumbent, Dawn Denniston

Ward Five- Ed Barlow, T. J. Teed, Brenna Barksdale

Joplin R-8 Board of Education

(Running for two-three year terms)- Sharrock Dermott (incumbent) Jennifer Martucci (incumbent), Michael Joseph

Neosho R-5 Board of Education

(Running for two three-year seats) Jonathan Russell (incumbent), Stuart Puckett (incumbent), David Steele, Kevin Butler

Neosho City Council

(Running for two three-year seats) William Doubek (incumbent), Robb Birch, Angela Thomas

Webb City R-7 Board of Education

(Running for two three-year seats) Kevin Crane (incumbent) Dan McGrew (incumbent) Stephen Crane, Aaron Rice, Philip Powell.

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Anonymous said...

Kevin Crane isn't running for re-election. He is giving up his seat, that is why there is two seats open. Dan McGrew is the only one running for re-election