Friday, January 11, 2019

City of Springfield seeking master planner- I know one

The Springfield Business Journal reports that the City of Springfield has issued a request for qualifications hoping to land a master planner to help with the development of 200 acres the city owns.

From the report:

(T)he 200 acres are northwest of the James River Freeway and West Bypass interchange. The city already operates the nearby Southwest Wastewater Treatment Plant, John Twitty Energy Center and a salt storage facility shared with Greene County.  

According to the letter, “the department is considering use of the property to develop various offices and facilities to support their long-term mission.” It goes on to say the master plan would identify the developable areas, divide them into tracts, determine the potential marketability and recommend roadway access. 
I am pretty sure David Wallace, formerly of Wallace Bajjali is not working for any cities these days. Surely he can make the transition from master developer to master planner.

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