Monday, December 23, 2013

C. J.'s for hire- New video advertises his availability as speaker

C.J. Huff

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A few months ago, Joplin R-8 Superintendent C. J. Huff told the Joplin Globe he had only done one speech for the Washington Speakers Bureau (which told two Joplin High School students that Huff's price was $8,000 per speech) and they had come to him.

Apparently, C. J. Huff can also be hired through, for between $2,500 and $5,000. posted the accompanying video advertisement of one of Huff's speeches earlier today,

Dr. C.J. Huff currently serves as the superintendent of Joplin Schools, a position he has held since July 2008. He is the proud father of three children and has been married to his best friend, Jennifer, for 15 years.

A native of McCune, Kansas, Huff earned his Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education from Pittsburg State University, his Master and Specialist in education from Missouri State University. Most recently he earned his Doctorate in education with a focus in educational leadership from the University of Arkansas in 2003.

His wide range of experiences as a classroom teacher, building principal, superintendent and a family farmer prepared him to lead his district of 1,100 employees and 7,700 students through the recovery effort that has followed the devastating Sunday, May 22, 2011 tornado that ripped through the heart of Joplin. Graduation ceremonies for Joplin's Class of 2011 had just concluded at Missouri Southern State University when the tornado struck around 5:41 p.m. destroying or damaging 10 of the 19 buildings in Huff's district including the high school and leaving over half of his students without a school to return to on Monday, May 23. The Joplin Schools family suffered loss more precious than the buildings though as they lost a staff member and seven students to the storm. 

Huff's declaration that "We will start school on time" is credited with being a key factor that drew the community of Joplin together just days after the tornado and provided a positive light for the country to rally around in the midst of such tragedy and destruction. To find and create learning space for 4,200 kids—54 percent of the district—in 12 weeks was a daunting task. "Somebody told me it couldn't be done," said Huff, "which is all it took to get me going." On August 17, 2011 Joplin's 7,700 students started the new school year on time. On May 21, 2012—just one day shy of the one year anniversary of the devastating tornado—President Barack Obama delivered the high school graduation commencement address.

Huff is well-respected by the community and his peers as a man of vision and a man that keeps his word. People magazine named him as one of their "2011 Heroes Among Us." Other recognitions include the 2013 Missouri Superintendent of the Year award, one of four finalists for the 2013 National Superintendent of the Year award, 2012 Missouri National Education Association Horace Mann Award, National School Public Relations Association's Bob Grossman Leadership in School Communications Award, eSchool News 2012 Tech-Savvy Superintendent Award, Missouri Association of School Administrators 2012 Pearce Award, Missouri School Public Relations Association 2012 Administrator of the Year and the 2011 American School Board Journal Magna Award/Grand Prize Winner for Joplin's Bright Futures initiative focusing on community engagement and drop-out prevention. 


Anonymous said...

Is this how he plans to fill the money bags back up? I'm thinking not.

Anonymous said...

Ew. Jeans way too tight...not cool, man.

Anonymous said...

Proving once again that a fool and his money are soon parted.

Anonymous said...

That picture is a joke. All suck ups. Not posed at all.

Anonymous said...

At five grand a pop, he'll only have to give 5-6 thousand speeches for a start at refilling the coffers. Since he's a superhuman, that shouldn't be too hard for him.

Anonymous said...'s a worn out message that's been exploited way too many times. Move on.

Anonymous said...

Let's translate those main talking points:
Achievement & Peak Performance--
Successfully running off 1/3 of the staff in two years and running the district broke after the biggest bind issue in Joplin history was passed
Change Management--firing or forcing into retirement all but three of the district's building leaders so that your pets can have jobs for which they are not qualified
Communication--sending your puppet around to remind teachers that it would be a shame if their job/program disappeared since jobs are hard to come by, or that they will never work again if they don't resign
Motivation-what staff feels as they are packing to go anywhere else
Overcoming Adversity--what staff feels when they get anywhere else and no longer feel the constant threat of losing their jobs
Education--what Joplin students get less of every year, judging from DESE data

Anonymous said...

His coffers will fill up much faster than R8's.

Anonymous said...

It irks me to hear Huff say Joplin is a "very impoverished" town. That statement will not help Joplin leaders who are trying to get companies with better paying job opportunities locate here.
It sounds like he thinks he is the big guy who helped these poor ignorant people in Joplin. Humility is not in his bag of talents.