Friday, August 07, 2015

Joplin Globe raising rates again

Times are hard at the Joplin Globe, it seems.

A reader sent me the news that the area's newspaper of record is once again raising its rates.

Perhaps by increasing the rates, the Globe will be able to cover some of the stories it has been missing, such as the information about Joplin City Councilman Mike Woolston that was included in the Loraine Report (or anything else that was included in the Loraine Report, for that matter).

Or perhaps more money can help the Globe to do a better job of covering the Joplin R-8 School District. Those whose reading habits included only the Joplin Globe and not the Turner Report, were probably stunned when Superintendent C. J. Huff was sent packing (retired) since they had never been told there were any problems in the school district.

The new price for those paying through the Globe's Easy Pay will be $22.98 a month beginning September 1, up from $20.98, a 9.5 percent hike.

In his pitch, Circulation Director Jack Kennedy wrote, "The Joplin Globe has always been part of your community and your lives." After that threatening statement, he continued, "This will also help us to continue to be the most trusted daily news source in our region and provide resources to invest in the community we serve."

I will announce now that there will be no increase in subscription rates for the Turner Report/Inside Joplin. While the Globe's monthly rate will increase to $22.98, mine will stay at $3.

While the Globe's new annual rate at $22.98 a month is $275.76, my rate will stay right where it is, at $30 a year.

Another thing to consider- If this rate increase is designed to help the Globe to serve the community better, then what did all of the earlier rate increases accomplish?
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Anonymous said...

So Randy, is it just me, or do I find it a little bit disturbing that this letter is signed by and appears to come from the circulation director? Why not the publisher? Is the publisher persona non grata? Does he lack the backbone to step up and face the public on this matter? Too busy enjoying his company paid box seats at the Blasters game?

Jack is a good person, I know him. But this cannot be a decision made by him, so why does he have to a send subscribers a signed letter of explanation? Shouldn't it be the publisher? Feels as if someone is shrugging a responsibility to its customers.

Non subscrber. said...

I would pay ten times as much as I do now for the Globe,

Anonymous said...

Please pay the required amount for your Globe. Then, write a separate check for the 10 times amount for the employees or certain staff members. Maybe buy them an awesome lunch or dinner. I'm sure they would appreciate the extra attention.

Mo Rage said...

It's tragic what's happening to newspapers. The circulation goes down, the price must go up. Creating fewer readers yet so the price goes up, circulation goes further down.

I know it's the change to news through the internet, sure, but it's really bad for our awareness of what's going on locally, regionally and nationally. People only get the news that tells them what they want to hear on the internet, more so than the newspapers used.

So it goes.

Anonymous said...

Non subscriber means $0.00, which means times ten is still $0.00.


Anonymous said...

I prefer the feel of an old fashioned newspaper. I do not wish to read what I "want to hear." I just want the news, all of it, unfiltered without paying someone to manipulate me to her point of view. If the Glibe was a journalistic source, I would pay to read it.

Anonymous said...

My BAD! I figured that's what you were implying. I was being sarcastic as well. I wasn't trying to be hateful to you. Just being sarcastic in general. So, I enjoyed your comment, & like yourself, will gladly pay my 10 times what I already pay. NADDA! I have to admit, like somebody already stated, I still enjoy having an actual paper in my hands. This may sound weird but, the smell reminds me of report-card day & how they smelled. Fresh of one of those machines ( can't think of the name?) that had the big roller with the blue lettering.

Anonymous said...

mimeograph...and youre misremembering. They had a stronger chemical smell the way I remeber.

Anonymous said...

I blame CJ for this

Anonymous said...

I would pay for a decent local paper. The Globe has sucked since Edgar and Dan took over twenty years ago.

Anonymous said...

Carl Junction has nothing to do with this.

Anonymous said...


CJ Huff's fault

Anonymous said...

Wow! Now I feel even older! I can't even remember a correct smell. LOL! Your correct though. It did have a more chemical smell. I DO remember what a big day it was when the teacher allowed ME to run down to the library & in the back was the machine. I attached it to the big roller & started my printing. I was around 13 or 14, I think. What a big day it was for this freshman. Kinda sad now. Those days are long gone. It's funny how the simple things in life gave you the fondest memories.