Sunday, September 20, 2015

Former Joplin master developer to answer questions under oath Monday

Former Joplin master developer David Wallace of Wallace Bajjali is scheduled to be under oath Monday, answering questions concerning his financial dealings, especially as they relate to his children's trust funds.\

The hearing, which may be videotaped, according to documents filed in U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Texas, is being held as part of Wallace's Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Trustree Rodney Tow, who is representing Wallace's children's trust funds, will interrogate Wallace on the following topics:

-Assets and liabilities of the children's trusts

-the transfer of assets in and out of the children's trusts

-details about his various interests and limited liability companies

-Wallace's financial affairs

The hearing is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. in the law offices of Hughes Watters Arkanase LLP in Houston.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the City or the Globe has a presence at the meeting?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if court knows how much personal travel and new home decorating Wallace is doing? I'm sure his ex wife could use some of that money that he is still spending?
Does anyone have Wallace's bankruptcy filing/document?

Anonymous said...

His bankruptcy merely states he's broke. Never mentions the $85,000 pool. He claims he has no savings. He is in debt. Yet he told court he made a million dollars last year. How can u say ur broke stop paying ex wife, never pay receiver what he was suppose to pay. And I wonder what is up with those trusts. Those two daughters need to be dragged into court. I'm convinced he's a psychopath and a liar. I wonder if he'll be able to pull a fast one. But he has met his match with judge bohm. According to filing, the new wife has nothing other than life insurance policies. It's a lie.