Friday, September 25, 2015

Schaefer: I said we would get MU out of abortion business and we did

(From the campaign committee of Attorney General candidate Kurt Schafer, R-Columbia)

Scoring a major victory for the innocent unborn as well as defenders of life throughout Missouri, State Senator Kurt Schaefer (R-Columbia) announced today that the University of Missouri notified him that they will withdraw the physician privileges that made possible the licensure of the Columbia Planned Parenthood abortion facility.

“From day one when we learned of this scandal, I vowed that we would ‘get MU out of the abortion business,’” Schaefer said. “Thanks to the persistence of our investigation and the public pressure applied by many defenders of life, we achieved that outcome and many unborn lives will hopefully be saved as a result.”

It was learned through investigations conducted by the Senate Committee on the Sanctity of Life, which Schaefer chairs, and concurrent House committee proceedings that state officials relied upon the privileges granted by the University to the abortion doctor in licensing the clinic, creating a potential violation of state statutes banning the use of taxpayer funds to promote abortion services.

“Through the course of our investigation, startling facts came to light, our committee dug deeper, and the public made their voices heard,” Schaefer noted. “This joyous outcome is proof positive that these committee investigations matter and the result will have eternal significance.”

Senator Schaefer stressed that though the University-related issues have now been addressed, the Committee on the Sanctity of Life’s investigation will continue and that many unanswered questions relating to Planned Parenthood facilities in St. Louis and Columbia remain.

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