Saturday, September 12, 2015

Americans for Prosperity to hold Right-to-Work rally

(From Americans for Prosperity Missouri)

On Wednesday September 16th, Americans for Prosperity Missouri will host a rally in support of worker's rights for activists who have battled hard to bring Right-to-Work to the state. Activists will begin arriving at 9:30 AM and will stay through the veto-override session. AFP has been on the front lines of the battle to bring worker freedom to the Show Me State.

In preparation for the rally and vote, AFP Missouri State Director, Patrick Werner released the following statement:

"This is about fairness in the workplace and jobs for Missouri workers. The people of Missouri have spoken loud and clear that they support Right-to-Work laws, and their voices must be heard in order for Missouri to see the growth it badly needs. When Right-to-Work becomes a reality in Missouri, no worker will lose their job just for choosing not to join a union, and the economy will see the same jobs boom that 25 other states already enjoy. It's time for our lawmakers to do the right thing and override the Governor's partisan veto on September 16th. The time is now to put Missouri back on the path to prosperity."


Anonymous said...

My boss told me he wants me to have the right to work for less! That's why he donates to Americans For Prosperity! He thought Sarah Palin was the bee's knees too back in 2008.

Anonymous said...

What about all the union workers in the other states like Kansas that lost 3 to five dollars a hours with the right to work law. Real fair! Get ALL the facts before believing a few!

Anonymous said...

I hope people will never forget that our taxes are paying the Chamber of Commerce $ 300,000.00 when they read about Right to Work. It amounts to an anti-worker group getting subsidized to promote anti-worker legislation. And now they want you to believe that they care about you so much that they are going to destroy the only voice you have in state where you can be fired for no reason. Good luck with that!