Monday, September 21, 2015

Official: The sole purpose of Bright Futures USA is to grow and raise money

The sole purpose of Bright Futures USA is to grow.

That was the message BFUSA board member Mark Quinn brought to KZRG Morning News Watch listeners today in a hastily arranged interview to respond to my call on Friday's program for Joplin to sever ties with Bright Futures.

Other places have programs designed to meet children's needs, Quinn said, but the Bright Futures "triangle" structure of educators, business people, and the faith-based community is "unique."

During the 15-minute conversation, Quinn also said the following:

-For Bright Futures USA to grow, "you have to have the money. You have to grow. You have to be able to tell the story."

-"All of the money that is raised for Bright Futures USA is spent for that. It's not taking any money out of the community. I say, as one of the board members, 'How awesome is that?' "

-(About those who have issues with the hiring of former Joplin R-8 Superintendent C. J. Huff as a consultant). I would question the people who have that issue. You have to have money to grow the organization. Is the issue that you don't understand the need to raise money? Is the issue that they don't understand you need to grow or is it a personal issue with C. J.? What I can tell you is C. J. has a huge heart for this organization. There is no one anywhere who understands it like he did. He was the creator of it to begin with."

Quinn continued to praise Huff, saying the organization would be using his "fantastic relationships with educators, with businesses, and with state-level educators. Who better to go out and tell that story?"

Even leaving out any personal issues with C. J., Quinn said, the man is a "great grant writer. He's the best guy to help us grow. He can do in six months what it would take us six years to do on our own."

Quinn said he understood people's resentment of the buyout deal Huff received from the R-8 District, but people need to put that aside. "Should we expect a guy like that to do what he is doing for free? He has committed a lot of time to working for the organization.

"He's got to look out for his family like we all do and for what he's doing for us, we're getting a great deal on his time. I promise you we're not paying him what other people could pay him."

Quinn criticized negativity about Bright Futures and aimed what appeared to be a shot at the Turner Report, asking how there could be "negativity about an organization that's really helping children get things that that they need. I would question that first of all. They're not in search of truth; they're out to destroy things."

Quinn also noted that Bright Futures USA helps provide structure to communities, shows them how to navigate the tricky minefield of social media, and "we teach them how to fund raise."

He also took a different approach in his comments about Webb City, which was the first school district to pull out of Bright Futures. Last week, Quinn commented that Webb City's Bright Futures had been "hijacked," presumably by Superintendent Tony Rossetti, who resigned from the BFUSA Board of Directors, following the hiring of C. J. Huff.

Quinn said Webb City was doing "a fantastic job. They're going to do it right. I support that."


Anonymous said...

Just a humble prediction for Joplin... Bright Futures out and Care to Learn in.

-Open and ongoing communication with Springfield teachers, counselors and nurses is critical. (Springfield) Superintendent Norm Ridder said the district has Care to Learn “on speed dial.”-

In regards to a trip to Lincoln, NE when Ridder was a candidate there: -He did a bit of name-dropping, citing a program he called "Learn to Care" that he says he started with Doug Pitt, brother of actor Brad Pitt. The program's actual name is "Care to Learn."-

Anonymous said...

Wow this Quinn is the missing nut from cJ Huffs nut sack......... Just saying....

Anonymous said...

Ironic that the premise of Bright Futures consists of volunteers giving of their time, talent, and treasure; yet, CJ Huff seems opposed to donating his time and "talent" to his creation. When I retire, I plan to give back to the community through more volunteerism. I thought that's what retires are supposed to do. Hmmm. According to CJ, he's retired. What gives?

Anonymous said...

I find it so very interesting that Mark Quinn is the treasure / spokesperson for BFUSA.

A few questions I would like answered;
Why the treasurer? I have run multiple boards for not for profits and would never send my treasurer to respond to what's currently going on. It should be the person at the top.
How did Quinn get this position? What is his financial background / qualifications to be the treasure?
Is Quinn a volunteer or is he paid for his services?
This other organization that he is apparently involved in, out of Arizona, for pancreatic cancer; what is his role? How did he get involved?

What are his ties to Huff or Joplin Schools? His kids attend private schools.

What has he done on an individual basis to help kids in need?

I know enough about Mark Quinn to know that anytime he is involved there is a good chance that some investigating should be done. I also know that his ego will not allow him to read this, which I'm sure he will, without responding.