Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Missouri to begin using student data to evaluate teachers

(This news release from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education shows how the state department has sold out teachers so it can receive more money from the U. S. Department of Education.)

Beginning this school year, public schools will use student data as a factor when evaluating teachers and principals.

“The process of evaluation serves multiple purposes,” said Paul Katnik, assistant commissioner for the Office of Educator Quality. “The most important purpose is to help teachers and principals become more effective and ultimately improve student learning.”

The Department provides guidelines to public schools on how they evaluate their teachers and principals. Those guidelines began to go into effect last year. The use of student data as a part of the evaluation process will now be implemented as well. Training has been provided to all public schools, beginning last year and continuing this year.

Using student data in the evaluation of teachers and principals aligns with goals of Missouri's Top 10 by 20 initiative: preparing, developing and supporting effective educators and ensuring that all Missouri students graduate ready for college and career.

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