Saturday, September 12, 2015

Hartzler: We should return to the table and get better deal with Iran

(From Fourth District Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler)

The House this week weighed in on President Obama's Iran Nuclear Deal, sending a resounding message to the President that the American people do not want this bad deal. I have spoken against this deal many times, and this week I voted against it, putting my name on the record against it. I also spoke on the House floor in opposition to this deal:

The simple truth is this: instead of preventing a nuclear-weapon-capable Iran, this deal allows Iran to keep its nuclear infrastructure; gives Iran billions of dollars in sanctions relief to promote terrorism and instability throughout the region; does not allow for “anytime, anywhere” inspections; lifts the arms embargo, allowing Iran to acquire intercontinental ballistic missiles; and does nothing to free the four American hostages being held in Iran. I listened to you, and I voted accordingly.

In connection to not approving the deal, the House also expressed its sense that President Obama has not transmitted to Congress all of the materials of the deal, having failed to supply information on the secret side deals between Iran and the IAEA. Under the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, which the President himself signed into law, he is required to share all aspects of the deal with Congress, at which time the 60-day Congressional Review period would start.

Similarly, we also passed a bill that would prohibit the President from lifting economic sanctions on, or providing relief to Iran in any way, shape, or form that would have happened under the Iran Deal. Iran will get up to $150 billion once sanctions are removed. I join many experts in believing Iran will use this money to shore up its terrorist proxies in the region and threaten our allies. This must not happen.

While Senate Democrats were able to block a vote from taking place on the deal, I am hopeful they will listen to the American people and stop this bad deal next week. We need to return to the negotiating table and get a better deal rather than capitulating to the demands of the world’s predominant state sponsor of terrorism.

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