Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Resignation deal leaves Joplin residents in the dark about Woolston

The whitewash that the majority of the Joplin City Council gave former Councilman Mike Woolston in exchange for his immediate resignation has left many Joplin citizens in the dark about whether Woolston was actually guilty of the violations alleged by Councilman Ben Rosenberg.

I should amend that first paragraph to note that it leaves Joplin citizens who do not read the Turner Report, have not read my book Silver Linings in a Funnel Cloud, or who have not examined the state audit and the Loraine Report in the dark.

The documents make it clear that at the least Woolston had no problems with using his positions as city councilman and mayor for his benefit and for the benefit of his business partners. They also make it clear that Woolston, whether or not he committed any actual crimes, trampled all over any ethical considerations.

The accompanying KOAM report by Jordan Aubey features Joplin residents offering their opinions on the deal.

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