Thursday, January 03, 2019

Jalen Vaden pleads guilty to felony child abuse, sentenced to 22 years, murder charge dropped

Jalen Vaden pleaded guilty to felony child abuse resulting in the death of three-year-old Jayda Kyle this afternoon in Jasper County Circuit Court and was sentenced to 22 years in prison.

The plea came as a result of an agreement with the Jasper County Prosecuting Attorney's office in which the second degree murder charge against Vaden was dropped.

Because of the nature of the crime, Vaden, 23, will be required to serve at least 85 percent of the time before he becomes eligible for parole. He will not be eligible for probation at any time.

Vaden, wearing a Jasper County Jail orange jumpsuit and shackled, answered a series of questions from Greene County Circuit Court Judge Michael Cordonnier on whether he understood every aspect of the plea and the rights he is giving up by entering it in a soft monotone, replying "Yes, sir," to each of the questions.

"Do you realize if you plead guilty your right to a trial will be lost forever?" Cordonnier asked.

(The statement released by Jalen Vaden and his attorney after the plea hearing can be found at this link.)

"Yes sir."

Jasper County Prosecuting Attorney Theresa Kenney detailed the evidence that would have been presented if Vaden had gone to trial.

The familiar details from the original probable cause statement were recounted, but Kenney also added others which explained why investigators zeroed in on Vaden rather than the other adult who was in the home at 405 Meadow Lake Drive in Carl Junction the night of November 27, 2017, Jayda's mother, Devyn Kyle.

When Carl Junction Police Department officers arrived, emergency medical personnel were already working on Jayda, Kenney said.

Vaden had blood on his shirt and there was blood on the floor in the child's room as well as on the bed.

After it was determined that Jayda Kyle's death, which occurred December 1 after she had been airlifted to Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, did not come as a result of any medical condition, but rather from abuse, investigators questioned Vaden and Kyle separately after advising them of their Miranda rights.

Kenney said that in the videotaped interview, Vaden told officers he did not intend to hurt Jayda, but "he just snapped."

Vaden demonstrated on a doll what he had done to the child, including throwing her on the floor and causing her to hit her head, Kenney said, and then officers left the room as Vaden wrote on a piece of paper a description of the exact locations in the child's room where the incidents of abuse had taken place.

Vaden's descriptions of what he had done to Jayda and where he had done it matched up completely with the physical evidence from the crime scene and the medical evidence, Kenney said.

As the prosecuting attorney described Vaden's actions, he stared straight ahead not showing any emotion.

Jasper County Juvenile office documents dated November 30, 2017 revealed that Jayda Kyle was likely already brain dead when she arrived at Children's Mercy Hospital, but she was not stable enough for doctors to do the test. The doctors were able to determine that she appeared to have no brain activity:

"Initially, the ED doctor stated he believed the child had suffered an aneurysm. Jayda was then seen by a neurosurgeon with the SCAN team who reported the amount of brain bleed and retinal damage is non-natural causes."

The tests showed that Jayda had a severely torn retina. The doctors determined that the child would be blind if by some miracle if she survived.

Medical personnel were in and out of Jayda's room Nov. 29 as she kept coding, according to the report. She was officially pronounced dead December 1.

Vaden insisted in a five-page letter sent from the Jasper County Jail to Jayda Kyle's father, Mackenzie Kyle, in January 2018 that he did not commit the murder..

"I've prayed for you everyday since I got to this hell hole," Vaden said. "I pray that you know I didn't do this to (Jayda)."

Vaden wrote about how being with Mac Kyle's children and his own son had turned him into a better person.

"They were teaching me way more than I thought I was teaching them. They softened my heart and showed me what real love is."

Vaden added, "Those babies were my life and I have you to thank for that."

During the questioning form Judge Cordonnier, Vaden, under oath, acknowledged that he had done everything the prosecuting attorney said he did.

Kenney said the family of Jayda Kyle, some of whom were in the courtroom, were fully informed about the plea agreement.

Cordonnier asked if family members had any impact statements. Kenney said they did not wish to make any statements.


Anonymous said...

Lost for words..

Anonymous said...

Poor baby lost more than him

Anonymous said...

On the night of the incident, didn't Devyn write on her own Facebook that Jalen was performing CPR on Jayda because Devyn was too flustered to do it? Wouldn't that have gotten blood on Jalen? There sure are a lot of unanswered questions here.

Anonymous said...

Agree. Such an unfair situation

Anonymous said...

Everytime I see Jayda's beautiful face I just want to cry my eyes out. I hope to meet the sweet angel in heaven one day but for now I hold onto my daughter a lot tighter.

Anonymous said...

Jalen did have blood on his shirt and hands according to the documents published.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the mom did as well.

Someone stated that it was shared on FB that he performed CPR.
We will never get the truth.

Olivia said...

She also lied on her go fund me page and assortment of things for over a week saying shes had a unknown medical condition and that she would need an organ transplant. Both parents did not call the law they called Devons dad and neighboring doctor before calling the authorities. Devon also claimed she had no idea as she was in the other room yet both parents couldnt fly with her not due to weight but because abuse was already suspected and it instantly went into investigation at the local hospital prior to arriving to Kc. In which both parents went home cleaned up, packed and headed to kc as if they had no idea how this happened. Who ever did the abuse may have not intended to kill by any means but both are very guilty as to how they handled things and both should be locked up for the way it went down.