Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Attorney general files lawsuit against California telemarketing company

(From Attorney General Chris Koster)

Attorney General Chris Koster announced today that he filed a lawsuit against California-based First Pacific Marketing, LLC, and its owner, Lindsay W. Johnson, for violations of Missouri's No Call and Telemarketing Laws. According to Koster, First Pacific employed robocalls to sell home security systems to consumers registered on the state's No Call list, in violation of Missouri law. The automated sales calls claimed that the FBI had reported increased break-ins in the consumers’ neighborhoods to induce consumers into purchasing First Pacific's home security product. Consumers who pressed a number to be removed from the company's calling list often continued to receive unwanted calls. Missouri's Telemarketing law makes it unlawful for companies to continue making telemarketing calls to those who have asked for the calls to stop. Thirty-eight Missourians filed complaints with the Attorney General's Office about calls received from First Pacific.

Complaints about telemarketers selling home-security systems rank second among the thousands of complaints received by the Attorney General's No Call Unit each year. The Attorney General's lawsuit against First Pacific is the seventh lawsuit filed in 2014 against companies marketing home security systems by phone.

"Telemarketers resorting to false statements and scare tactics to sell security systems are among the highest source of complaints to my office each year," said Koster. "This company repeatedly harassed Missourians with unwanted robocalls, even after they asked for the calls to stop. We will continue to protect Missouri consumers and crack down on unscrupulous telemarketers."

As part of the suit filed against First Pacific in St. Louis County, Koster is asking the court to prohibit First Pacific from making any further solicitations to Missouri consumers, regardless of whether their phone numbers are listed on the No Call registry. Additionally, Koster is seeking penalties of up to $5,000 per violation of the No Call Law, up to $1,000 for each violation of the Telemarketing Law, and for recovery of the costs of the investigation and prosecution of the case.

Koster reminds Missourians they can register their telephone numbers with the Missouri No Call list at online or by calling 866-662-2551. Consumers who have registered for the No Call list and receive solicitation calls should file a complaint at 1-866-buzzoff (1-866-289-9633).

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Anonymous said...

Jay Nixon needs to publish douchecanoe Johnson's home phone number. I have a complaint or two to register with him, as his associates called my residence repeatedly. I'll be sure to call several times whenever he eats supper.

I promise to be nice when I call Johnson. At I'll try for at least the first thirty or so calls. Then I might begin to lose my patience.