Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Former Joplin Mayor: Who is responsible for Joplin R-8 seat screwup?

The following comments were posted on my Facebook page by former Joplin Mayor Jon Tupper, concerning the Joplin R-8 Board of Education's 6-1 decision to pay $95,000 to replace JHS gymnasium seats that were installed, even though they were not school colors.

The real questions that need to be asked are:

1. Who is responsible for the screw up? (and it is a screw up because we all know what the school colors are and that the seats should be the school colors).

2. Are they still employed and if so why?

3. Who do they answer to and why are they still employed?

This isn't hard folks, ask the right questions, hold fast for the answers and demand results.

And make three big changes in April!


Unknown said...

Exactly... who, how and accountability...
And just how important is this to spend this kind of money.

Anonymous said...

Don't be too hard on them, maybe they can't help it. They are probably a product of the Joplin school system.

Anonymous said...

C.J. already told us the Design Team made a little boo boo. In other words, if the screw up was actually made by one or more of his chosen ones, responsibility will be spread across The Team.

I'm fairly certain Mike Johnson is part of the Design Team and would have had a hand in ordering the seats. That would be screw up number 628,247, give or take, for him. Yet, he is still employed.

For me, if question #1 is who is responsible for ordering the wrong color seats, question #2 is how did that many seats get installed without somebody noticing they are the wrong color?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @5:25 PM: Also allow for the possibility that "When someone noticed the problem early in the process, why were his concerned dismissed?" Or given what we've heard about Mike Johnson, why were people who might have noticed the problem afraid to say anything?

Anonymous said...

Should we be surprised? One of the biggest loud mouth, self-promoters, believers in the good ol' boy network who himself tried to take advantage of the city in his position on the city council crawls out from under a rock to question shady business practices.

It takes a shady person to know a shady person there Tupper. Birds of a feather?

Ask Tupper anything you want to know, he knows it all and has never done a thing wrong. If he was still on city council, none of the mistakes we are suffering through in this city would have ever happened AND he would have held the school district accountable too.

The pot has called out the kettle.

Anonymous said...

The person responsible for the screw up is the person overseeing the job. Period. It's his job, overpaid as he is, to make sure that all is as it should be. But he has failed in all ways. The drinking fountain in one hall runs warm water and the toilets flush hot water. Yeah, there's some quality work. What'll it cost to fix that? If it ever gets done. In the mean time, my daughter drinks water from the hot water heaters/boilers, and those are always known for having chemicals in them. Good job, R8, good job.

Anonymous said...

All those who are saying it isn't important to change the color of the seats don't understand the importance of school pride and school spirit. That school does not look like Joplin High School. That school looks like Riverton. The gym, the auditorium, and the football field are about the only places most of the public ever sees. It is important that they reflect the school spirit. As it is, the gym is ugly, and that is very sad. How to pay for it? Get rid of any one of those worthless "directors" and "redirect" his salary. Problem solved.

Anonymous said...


Good=take all credit.
Bad=assign blame to everyone else.

Anonymous said...

So what your saying is @6:12- that in order for a school to be filled with spirit, it has to have material objects?
Heart, courage, athletic abilities, community pride, academic programs mean nothing?

I haven't talked to one high school student who gives a rats ass about the color of seats.

As a parent and tax payer I'm outraged that you'd even bring up "school spirit"!!!
Maybe all the individuals who feel the seat colors should be changed because of school spirit should have a car wash, dog walking, popcorn tin selling fundraiser for the cost.

And if I see any of you BOE members in the community, I will approach you and ask you loudly in whatever public place you are in why you voted for this !!!!