Monday, December 15, 2014

Graves: I remain committed to the full repeal of Obamacare

(From Sixth District Congressman Sam Graves)

“We have to pass the bill, so that you can find out what’s in it.”

In 2010, this baffling comment from then Speaker Nancy Pelosi about Obamacare was a rare moment of transparency when it came to the process of forcing through the government takeover of our healthcare system. Now that we have learned what's in the bill, it seems that confusion and a lack of transparency may have actually been the strategy of liberals in Congress all along.

Just last week, MIT professor and former healthcare advisor to President Obama, Jonathan Gruber, was called to Capitol Hill to testify about his 2013 comments that the “stupidity of the American voter” and a “lack of transparency” were critical to getting Obamacare passed into law.

Gruber currently denies his role as an architect of the bill, but video from 2010 shows Gruber telling an audience that he helped write the legislation. In the tape, he also describes Obamacare as “the single most important piece of legislation since World War II.” Additionally, President Obama cited comments made by Gruber as reasons why Obamacare should be passed.

These words from Pelosi and Gruber – two of those most responsible for Washington’s takeover of our healthcare system – continue to serve as a reminder of everything that makes Obamacare the unworkable law that it is, from the arrogance of elitist politicians and bureaucrats behind it to the deceptive process that saw it become law.

Since being passed, without a single Republican vote in the House or Senate, Obamacare has proven harmful to individuals, farmers, small businesses, and our nation’s economy as a whole. Shortages in hours and full-time jobs caused by added regulations are unacceptable, and stifle the job growth our country still desperately needs.

Please know that as your Congressman I remain committed to the full repeal of Obamacare, but until then I will continue to look for ways to give small businesses and all hardworking Americans some much needed relief from this disastrous law.

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