Monday, December 15, 2014

Former Joplin Police Chief, Koch, Martucci expected to file for R-8 Board

The four candidates who submitted their names to the Joplin R-8 Board of Education a few months back when a vacancy occurred are expected to be in the running when filing for three positions opens tomorrow.

When Dawn Sticklen resigned after enrolling her daughter at Webb City High School, two candidates who had been unsuccessful in April, Jeff Koch, who placed fourth out of seven candidates, and Shawn McGrew, who placed sixth, applied for the position, along with former Joplin Police Chief Lane Roberts and Jennifer Martucci.

It appeared that the fix was in for McGrew, since the board almost immediately tossed out the candidacies of Roberts and Martucci, indicating they wanted to go with someone who had run for the job in April and then chose McGrew, even though he tallied 400 less votes than Koch.

Sources have indicated to the Turner Report that Koch, Martucci, and Roberts all plan to file. McGrew indicated after his appointment that he intended to run for the board. The three spots open belong to Board President Anne Sharp, Jim Kimbrough, and the remainder of Sticklen's term, a one-year position.

Sharp is expected to file again, while Kimbrough has indicated that he will lave the board after serving nine years.

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Anonymous said...

Rumor that Randy Turner may be seeking a position?