Saturday, December 13, 2014

Cleaver introduces body camera legislation

(From Fifth District Congressman Emanuel Cleaver)

The “Cam Act” Requires State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies Who Receive DOJ Grants Have Their Officers Wear a Body Camera

It is a piece of legislation I believe is critically important to protecting citizens and law enforcement officers alike. The legislation I am referring to is the Camera Authorization and Maintenance Act of 2014, also known as the CAM Act, and I am honored to have introduced it this week in Washington. 

The Cam Act would: 

  • Require that all state and local law enforcement agencies who receive Department of Justice grants have their officers wear a body camera.
  • Create a grant program to help agencies purchase the equipment.
  • Set guidelines for the use of body cameras.
  • Create a task force to study and make recommendations on community policing and to determine protocol in body camera training. The task force would also be required to study the effectiveness of body cameras one year after implementation of the policy -- and to study the impact that citizen review boards could have on police misconduct.
  • Provide for a report on the Department of Defense 1033 program.
The goal of my legislation is not only to protect the rights of all citizens and officers, but also to increase transparency, and to provide better evidence for any and all investigations. 

Because the 113th Congress is ending, I will reintroduce this legislation in the 114th Congress. 

You can see a copy of the legislation at:


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Anybody else sick of this race-baiting?

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Yes i am completely nauseated