Wednesday, December 17, 2014

State audit of Department of Agriculture released

(From State Auditor Thomas Schweich)

State Auditor Tom Schweich released the audit of the Missouri Department of Agriculture (MDA) today.

In the areas audited, the overall performance of this entity was Good.

The MDA provided significant salary increases to six employees during fiscal year 2013 and four employees during fiscal year 2014, representing an annual total increase in salaries of $51,864 (ranging from six to 20 percent for these employees).

As noted in our prior audit report, various program fees of the MDA do not cover the related costs of the program, forcing the programs to be more dependent upon funding appropriated from the General Revenue Fund. For example, expenditures for the Agriculture Business Development Division exceeded revenues by $1,490,000 and $1,450,000 during the 2014 and 2013 fiscal years, respectively, and the division did not perform and document an analysis of some fees charged. Some program fees have not been adjusted in more than a decade.

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