Saturday, December 27, 2014

C. J. Huff named one of Small Town America's 100 Most Influential People

He cried on Joe Biden's shoulder, made small talk with Barack Obama, and now he is included on a list with former President Bill Clinton and former First Lady Rosalynn Carter.

Rural Leader Magazine has named Joplin R-8 Superintendent C. J. Huff one of "Small Town America's 100 Most Influential People.".

According to the magazine, Huff, Clinton, Mrs. Carter, and 97 others were selected after they received "scores of nominations."

It should look good on Huff's resume.


Anonymous said...

What a joke! When will he stop riding the tornado?

Anonymous said...

Does this make him a big fish in a small pond or a minnow bucket? This strikes me about like making it into Who's Who. Pay for your picture in the book and be immortalized forever in a tome no one cares about.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of small towns, did anyone else notice that small AP story in the December 27th Globe? It was all about how tough it is for rural schools to attract and keep high quality teachers because they can't pay competitively. Yet, the high end of what the average small rural districts pay is more than R8 teachers with a masters make after more than 15 years. Joplin is the seventh biggest district in the state. I wonder if any small towns want him now. Seems like they have enough problems as it is with education without taking on the world's biggest ego and meanest spirit.

Anonymous said...

Headline: CJ Huff Strikes it Big in Podunk! Makes you feel kinda proud, don't it?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how long it took CJ and his friends to submit "scores" of nominations. And did they do it while at work? More than likely.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the nominations for this are as "honest" as the nominations for the Milken Award? No failing district should have anyone earn either, but Joplin has gotten both. That wasn't accidental. That was the result of political dealings and good old fashioned brown nosing. Those who really earn distinction will never get it because they won't sell their souls in order to get their name published. The private pool and all the trappings just isn't worth it.

Anonymous said...

Opening at theaters near you soon: CJ Huff in "Yertle the Turtle," the riveting tale of a small-pond turtle despot who rises, literally, to fame on the backs of his subjects. Perfect.

Anonymous said...

Boss Hawg Huff makes it big in the next installment of Dukes of Hazard! Watch CJ "Boss Hawg" Huff ride to glory over the backs of the crew as he stuns small-town viewers everywhere with his sleight of hand. He can make anything disappear, including millions and millions of public dollars. Truly, he is unequaled.

Anonymous said...

New best selling children's book: Pecos Huff and the Tornado. Children can read the touching story of a larger than life but humble character named Pecos Huff who snaps the tail right out of a giant twister and rides it to glory at the expense of a small town. Brings tears to the eyes of all who read it.

Anonymous said...

Watch Superman, aka CJ Kent, save a small town struggling with apathy, poverty, and tornado damage. Such heroics have never been seen before, and most likely will not be seen much longer after the town learns to load its pitchforks with cryptonite.

Anonymous said...

Next on Captain Underpants, children can watch their beloved hero, dressed in his tidy whities, conquer a megolomaniacal superintendent who believes he has hoodwinked the patrons of his district into believing that their millions of dollars have provided their children with an unequaled level of education, even as the data proves otherwise. A show you will want to watch over and over as the big, bad super is taken down by the underwear-clad hero, armed with nothing but an auditor's report. Truly cannot be beat for entertainment value.

Anonymous said...

Stay tuned for another charming episode on Mayberry, USA, as Barney Huff shoots himself in the foot while patting himself on the back. His tearful reaction will soften even the most calloused of hearts. This show just can't be surpassed for its homey witticisms and small town charisma.

Anonymous said...

The Lone Ranger and his trusted companion, Tonto Vann, will once again win the hearts and trust of small town Americans by defeating the forces of evil unleashed by a tornado and some embittered former employees. Two Thumbs Up!! What those thumbs are up is the question...

Anonymous said...

The Incredible Bulk, otherwise known as CJ Huff, must use his academic prowess in order to save a small town from its academic apathy. However, when his temper is riled, the Incredible Bulk bursts through his shirts and pants and creates havoc all over the school district. Viewers will be amazed as week after week, year after year, the Bulk goes unchallenged by the governing board that could stop him from doing more harm. Stay tuned for another dreadful episode starting next week.

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone should take a closer look to see who has anointed Dear Leader Huff with such an honourous honorific.


Rural Leader Magazine was created by Dr. Kuanita E. Murphy in the fall of 2013. She harnessed the idea from her dissertation, "A Phenomenalogical Study on Leadership in Rural Communities." The study focused on the lived experiences of leaders in six rural communities in Georgia.

Consequently, Dr. Murphy recognized that small rural communities consist of a unique dynamic that requires ingenuity and creative approaches to address and to resolve challenges.

Our Mission
Rural LeaderMagazine aims to highlight the advanced and global leader who lives, works, and plays in small rural communities nationally and abroad. Rural Leader celebrates the accomplishments and expertise of leaders. Our editorial content aims to inform, to inspire, and to educate leaders from various educational backgrounds and disciplines.

Circulation and Distribution
Rural Leader is a fast growing digital publication viewable throng various vehicles such as desktop computers, tablets, other mobile devices, and print-on-demand. Making its debut in 2014, Rural Leader is currently published four times per year with a car readership throughout the United States and abroad. In 2015, Rural Leader will be published six times per year and anticipates increasing readership by 30%.

Rural Leader 360 Experience
The Rural Leader 360 Experience is a combination of Rural Leader Magazine and our social platforms on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Marketers have a unique advantage to connect with an array of leaders who impact the dynamic of their communities nationally and abroad.

For more information and periodic updates, visit and subscribe to our mailing list.

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Here is the Linkedin- A "Visionary Servant-Leader"...

"Dr. Kuanita E. Murphy

Artist, Editor-in-Chief, Publisher, and Visionary Servant-Leader

Columbus, Georgia Area"

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. What a joke. Maybe someone will take him! I'm sure he promoted himself once again.for no reason other than self worship

Anonymous said...

He also has a new movie coming out ..Riders Of The Storm

Anonymous said...

I just read the online magazine that claims to feature compelling writings about rural people doing fantastic things. I saw mostly business pieces about how to get ahead that had nothing to do with rural communities. What a joke the whole thing is. I'm guessing CJ or his people saw that possibilty for another recognition and submitted his name. There is no shame there. I guess if he can't pad his record with real and substantial success, he has to pad it with fluff.

Anonymous said...

It's a Doctor from the Universtiy of Phenix.

Rural Leader Magazine

A digital publication with an aim to highlight everyday people doing extraordinary things nationally and abroad
My duties include:
. Ensure that content aligns with the mission and scope of the institution. (Additional commenter notes- What are the details on this? What's the real agenda? Who is really in charge here? Whose money is involved? Like someone pointed out above, why the Milken Award is interested in Joplin is suspect since Milken is really Bankster money and influence.)

Watch for the big article on how Bright Futures is a huge and hidden success story. Coming just as soon as someone from Joplin pays for enough ads to

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day - CJ Huff is just a self-promotion artist. CJ's whole goal is to make himself look good and enhance his career.

Take credit for the good and blame others for the bad (take no responsibility unless it makes CJ look good).

We all know the usual excuses CJ will use when the audit report comes out:

We knew they were going to find something that needed fixed

Because of the tornado we may have taken some short cuts to expedite the process

We will fix what the audit finds and build a stronger school system for all

If we did error, it was only because we were doing what we thought was best for the "kids"

Because of this mindset (self promotion not leadership skills) - CJ is unfit to lead the Joplin school district.

Hopefully, in the not too distant future - either CJ will leave for greener pastures or his contract will not be renewed.

The Joplin school district needs a leader who will put the districts interests before his or hers.

Anonymous said...

I am joining the list of brave Anonymous contributors and saying "Congratulations, Dr. Huff." Your honor just ruined some people's day.

There's No Need to Fear -- UnderTard is Here! said...

There's No Need to Fear -- UnderTard is Here!

To carry the retarded analogies to super-zeros further, Randy Turner is Under-Tard, who in his fight with CJ Riff Raff and CJ Bar Sinsiter, always gets his butt whupped until UnderTard takes his secret energy pill, pops back up like a pop-up target, and gets his ass whupped yet again and this time is down for the count.

Eventually CJ Huff will be asked to go quietly by the good ol boys like Matt Blunt was in early 2008 and Bruce Speck was two years ago, and Huff will be gone and nobody except UnderTard, er Randy Turner will say another word about it and only because Turner is a tard with a whole whorde of Turnertards eating that crap up.

Maybe Huff was named for this bogus honor entirely in order to listen to Turner bitch.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Turner REALLY needs to dig into what is not completed at that High School/FTC. Missing utilities needed to operate educational equipment in the cooking classes and trade departments. You should see the audio-visual production department waste! It all makes those funny colored bleachers look like small- potatoes!

Anonymous said...

Large gaps in the wall in classrooms contribute to being cold. The internet that the students depend on to do their work doesn't always work.

Anonymous said...

At 6 40 that has to be the stupidest comment i have ever read on the Turner Report congrats.