Monday, December 01, 2014

Joplin developer to City Council: If you don't want a strip center, fork over $4 million

At a recent presentation, Wallace-Bajjali Development Partners indicated that another $4 million was needed for the Towne Center project at 20th and Connecticut.

Joplin developer Charlie Kuehn, Wallace-Bajjali's partner on the project, elaborated on that earlier tonight while speaking to the Joplin City Council.

"We're still going to be asking for money," Kuehn said, saying that if he had more city funding he could "enhance" the project and make it better than projects on 32nd Street and Rangeline.

The $4 million is needed, Kuehn said, "to make this two or three steps above a strip center."

Kuehn's remarks came during discussion on two zoning requests for the project, which were passed on first reading. Council members asked him how he was dealing with landowners who had not sold their property to make room for the development. Kuehn said he was taking care of their requests.

"Landowners are like children," he said. "They all want different things."

The Towne Center project includes what has been described as a "boutique-style" theater, which will be surrounded by restaurants. Other buildings will feature offices and retail businesses.

The center is being designed to fit in with the new Joplin Public Library, which originally was part of the project, which started with the notion of a two-story building with the library on the bottom and the theater on the second floor.

Wallace-Bajjali had been scheduled to buy the properties in that area by the end of the calendar year, but asked for additional time. An extension was granted until February.

The extension request was made shortly after Wallace-Bajjali announced the $4 million shortfall.

Despite the delays, Kuehn said the projects will begin in March or early April.

"But I'm not committing to that."
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Anonymous said...

This smells more and more like a pyramid scheme of Madoff proportions.

Mike Woolston should recuse himself from city council. He can not fairly be a real estate agent and a councilman.

What about the big monstrosity on Connecticut /32nd?
This is a Kuehn project? Or the big pile of dirt where the Capri used to stand.

Rodney Spriggs invests in these developments.

Millions of dollars for what?
How was it individual businesses and homeowners rebuilt within a reasonable amount of time yet these redevelopment projects are going on year 4?

Come on folks !

I hope this audit brings the whole house of cards down.

Anonymous said...

Why do new faces keep showing up. /where is wallace where is brasswell, how about gary box?

Anonymous said...

Someone really needs to go to the courthouse and check out how many times these properties have been bought and sold in the past 3.5 years. Each transaction creates a profit for someone and I doubt said profit is being shared with the community.
Residents and business owners of Joplin along the 20th street corridor could have had that part of the city rebuilt and thriving if the city and all of it's masters would have allowed such a thing.
But alas, they are all just children and want too much.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we land owners are like children...we continually ask you for money, for which you see nothing but a smile, we promise to carry out our responsibilities, and deliver excuses instead.

Oh wait, that sounds more like these snake oil salsemen fleecing our city.

Anonymous said...

cut the head off the snake

Anonymous said...

I own land, and I am not a child. I absolutely resent what this "developer" is saying, and it takes a lot of "guts" to threaten to not develop like he wants unless he gets "free" money from the City. There has been a lot of development in the City since the tornado, look at the former Bel-aire center. Tell Mr. Kuehn to find another investor, no free City money.

Anonymous said...

Gary Box closed Connies fine furniture about 15 times I think

Anonymous said...

Tar and feathers anyone? The money is long gone...somewhere in Texas I think.

Anonymous said...

I'am sure glad I don't have Ryan Stanley as a investment broker

Anonymous said...

Gary Box was driving a Dump Truck hauling rock and debris before the tornado hit Charley had a busy construction company before he joined forces with wally bajally and started letting them use his office then charley laid of about 15 employees at least Stanley voted against it, and Woolston has no business being a council member he is a flat out crook right in the middle of it all

Anonymous said...

Suprise Suprise Suprise!

Anonymous said...

Well it's nice to see everyone finally waking that it's about to be too late!! Box is as big of a crook as anyone of the others mentioned except he was reamed by a judge for gouging after the tornado so his brass ones shrunk a bit.
WB and Kuehn need to take a hike off a tall cliff. Threats aren't taken lightly in this town so they are skating on very thin ice. The people around here have been pushed to their limits and robbed blind by the crooks that run this city. Outsiders need not burn the rest of the town, this isn't Fergusson!!

Anonymous said...

And Charlie Kuehn is supposabley an upstanding business man. His business, Four State Homes, being recognized and awarded for being such a Honest, Trustworthy, Builder with Morals, Values and such a Wonderful Family Man representing the City of Joplin. He has done nothing but fooled this town.

The HBA (Home Builders Association) voted him Builder of the Year and even made him President of the HBA a couple of years after the tornado. He is recommended by them to homeowners and businesses looking to build. He has everyone in his pocket.

I think they should put Charlie Kuehn's face on the $2 bill since they have something in common. THEY ARE BOTH FAKE !