Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Out-of-state company linked to Rohr, Woolston pushing substandard material on Joplin

Neither the attorney general nor Jasper County Sheriff Randee Kaiser has issued any warnings at this point, but sources tell the Turner Report, an out-of-state company linked to former Joplin City Manager Mark Rohr and City Councilman Mike Woolston has been harassing city residents with telephone calls attempting to convince them to buy an overpriced product filled with substandard material.

The company, Community Newspapers Holding based in Alabama, is pitching subscriptions to one of its newspapers, the Joplin Globe.

Those who receive the calls have numerous options when the person at the other end of the line asks for a subscription:

-Laugh! Tell them if Mike Pound ever wrote anything that funny, you would take a subscription.

-Silence. Then say, "Did you hear that whistle? My dog did and he loves your newspaper. Good dog. He used to love the carpet."

-Make a strong statement, such as "Not a chance. I read the Turner Report. It may not cover the world, but it runs circles around the Globe." That will drive them crazy.

Consider yourself warned.


Anonymous said...

I prefer to say, "Both of you lie like a rug, but Turner is cheaper and far more pathetic."

Anonymous said...

pretty good. I like it.