Saturday, February 10, 2024

Preliminary hearing set for Granby woman charged with fifth DWI

The preliminary hearing for a Granby woman charged with her fifth DWI is scheduled for Tuesday in Jasper County Circuit Court in Carthage.

Tammy Sifferman, 51, was on probation for her fourth DWI when she was arrested by the Highway Patrol October 29 outside of Carthage.

Sifferman has four previous DWI convictions. She was arrested by the Highway Patrol on December 20, 2010 and February  20, 2011 and was found guilty on both charges July 26, 2011 in Jasper County Circuit Court.

The Highway Patrol arrested Sifferman March 8, 2012 and was found guilty September 14, 2012 in Jasper County Circuit Court and the Newton County Sheriff's Office arrested her December 7, 2019 and she was found guilty in Newton County Circuit Court October 20, 2021.

Newton County Circuit Court records indicate Judge John LePage sentenced Sifferman to four years in prison for her fourth DWI and suspended the sentence, placing her on supervised probation for five years.

Conditions of her probation include staying away from alcohol and any location where alcohol is sold to be consumed on the premises, not possessing or using any controlled substance that is not prescribed for her by a doctor and successfully completing a court-ordered program.

Judge LePage restored Sifferman's driving privileges December 19, 2022, according to Newton County Circuit Court records.

Under LePage's order, Sifferman was required to have an ignition interlock device installed. The probable cause statement for her most recent arrest indicates the vehicle she was driving had an ignition interlock.


Anonymous said...

My Gosh - - How many Times do the Public have to put at Risk - Because our Judges, Prosecuting Attorneys, and Jurors - Do Not Do their Job and Serve the Best Interest of Society.

Are these Civil Servants - Judges and Prosecuting Attorneys - Just waiting for her to Kill some Innocent Individuals - because they will not - DO THEIR JOB - AND LOCK HER UP...

The Judges, Prosecuting Attorneys, and Jurors, need to start getting Tough on Criminals - No More Slaps on the Wrist, No More Get Out of Jail Free Cards, No More Backroom Courthouse Deals, No More Probation. Most Criminals Never Learn - and Recommit Crimes - So Why do we give them Multiple Chances - - Throw the Book at Them - - No More HardLuck Stories - - Do the Crime - Do the Time...

Anonymous said...

642, hope you don't use your knuckles to type these diatribes. No, in fact, I can tell you cut and paste because theres nothing expressidly written differently one issue to the next. A little originality to your posts would definitely help matters.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:42AM - - I and others are not here to Entertain You - - Why don't you state your own Opinion - If you have One - - Post a Solution or any Rational Idea / Concept - If you have One.

Most People that lack any Ideas - Can Only Criticize Others. I am sure you are a Great Arm Chair Quarterback- who has lived a Life of "CUDDA, WUDDA, SHUDDA", where some of us have actually accomplished something - done something - created something - have spoken up - have a voice an opinion - other than Criticizing Others.

My Diatribes - Have One Message - I believe in Justice, a Society where if you Commit a Crime - You need to Pay for that. You may not have known others that have been Victims of Criminals - - So maybe you cannot relate - or you do not have any empathy for these Victims.

I will continue to Believe In and will Post My Message - that our Society needs a Strong Justice System - to Help Protect our Society from Criminals and the Crimes that they Commit against Others. Maybe these Postings - Reflect your Lack of wanting a Safe Society - - Are you a Felon - Is this why this Message Offends You?

If you need Entertainment look elsewhere - or if You can come up with any Brilliant Solutions / Facts / Ideas - to Facilitate a better ways to Handle Criminals and Prevent Crimes - - I am sure that the Rest of us would Welcome it - The Majority of Americans are Sick and Tired of being the Potential Victim of a Criminal - but if you are all about Criticizing from your Basement Lair - find another Format - -

You may not know or realize that the Owner / Publisher of this Blog - Mr. Turner - Had someone knock on his door and he opened it and was Assaulted - This type of Attack or Other Criminal Acts or Crimes can happen to anyone - this is why I believe in Tough Justice for all Criminals...