Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Joplin man, woman charged with assaulting older woman arraigned, enter not guilty pleas

In video arraignments held this morning in Jasper County Circuit Court, a Joplin man and woman charged with assaulting an older woman and taking away her oxygen tank pleaded not guilty.

Tyrone Ridge, (DOB 1976) and Deanna Edwards (DOB 1984) said they intend to apply for public defenders. Their next court hearing is scheduled for March 6. Judge Joseph Hensley ordered an evalution of Edwards for pre-trial release.

Both Ridge and Edwards are being held in the Jasper County Jail in lieu of $25,000 bond.

Ridge and Edwards were allegedly making a 60-year-old woman turn over her Social Security and disability income, withholding food, clothing and the woman's oxygen tank, assaulting her and threatening to kill her.

More information about the case can be found at the link below.

The Turner Report: Joplin man, woman charged with assaulting older woman, allegedly took away her oxygen tank, threatened to drown her at Grand Falls (


Anonymous said...

I hope they lock these scum bags up for a long time. People who abuse or prey on the elderly are incorrigible.

Anonymous said...

7:40 I agree with you 1000% but on a side note I learned a new word today. So thank you for that. I had to google incorrigible lol but now I know what it means.

Anonymous said...

Tyrone Ridge and Deanna Edwards - are Pure Evil and Disgusting. Anyone that would Prey on Children, the Elderly, or Animals - Needs to be taken to the Woods to never return - with a good old - "Walking Dead Bat - Lucille".