Monday, February 26, 2024

Former Newton County Coroner Mark Bridges announces run for County Commission

Former Newton County Coroner Mark Bridges announced his candidacy for Newton County District 2 Commissioner in a Facebook post Sunday:

My family, friends and I have been reminiscing regarding our family and community history and how quickly time passes. After our discussions and considerable contemplation, I have decided to file for Newton County District 2 Commissioner.

I began my career in the Public Safety field at 18 years of age with Neosho Fire Department and then at Newton County Ambulance when the district was created in 1975. 
In 1977, a position became available at the Newton County Sheriff’s Office, I became a Deputy Sheriff. From this point forward, the Newton County Courthouse has been my home away from home for the majority of my adult life.

Successfully winning the Newton County Sheriff’s election from a seasoned incumbent in 1985 was a huge blessing but my position as Newton County Coroner for 20 years has been the most fulfilling experience of my career. 

Until my early retirement in 2016, it was an honor to support and minister to the citizens of Newton County at the most devastating times of their lives as Coroner.

I have worked with many different County Commissioners over the years. In past years, I have considered running for the Commissioner position but the time was not right. 

From the information I have gathered from the public, I believe this is the time! 

In my career with the County, my effectiveness to carry out my duties depended on the Commissioners to appropriate the necessary funds to hire dedicated professionals and to purchase needed equipment in order to perform their sworn duties. I believe my past experience and knowledge prepares me for this assignment.

It is imperative the County Commission properly fund every office to carry out their duties. We need to take a close look at how to best improve our County roads. I would like to see the new law passed by the Legislature be implemented in our County to help our senior citizens with properly tax relief. 

We, as officeholders, must work in unison as servant leaders to put our citizens first. We must work closely together with every city and governmental organization in Newton County and the State of Missouri. We must never forget hard-working people pay us to work for them. It is time we make every citizen proud of our county government.

Also, PLEASE make sure to elect a like-minded candidate with common sense and business experience to fill the District 1 position, also up for election. Thank You, in Advance, for your Consideration! Your support and prayers are invaluable to my success in this endeavor!!


Anonymous said...

Good man, worthy of the position.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Mark Bridges that wrecked a county vehicle while on his personal family vacation?

Anonymous said...

Any one would be better than the two we have now, Cook and Osborn have cost us a million in lawsuits

Anonymous said...

I heard the cost was more like $400,000, during which one of the attorneys found a $350,000 check screw-up, written solely by the county treasurer. It looks like a good investment since she has also cost the county millions by refusing to invest. Sometimes, it costs money to expose corruption.

Mark Bridges said...

It’s interesting to see how people spin the truth for whatever reason that they may deem necessary. If my memory serves me correctly, approximately ten years ago, I was stopped at a stoplight in Branson. I was hit from behind by a young driver. Newton County received a settlement in this case. I took the vehicle to a local body shop, he bent the bumper back up. The county profited financially from the incident. My family was not with me, and I wasn’t on a family vacation! The incident report is on file at the Branson police department if you would like to further check out this incident. On a personal note, I greatly appreciate Randy for his dedication to providing news that it would be very hard for us to receive any other way. THANK YOU RANDY!

Anonymous said...

Why would a Newton County Coroner need to be in Branson in a county vehicle?

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Mark Bridges that tried to sue Newton County taxpayer's for his PTSD?