Thursday, February 29, 2024

Carthage man charged with two counts of rape

The Jasper County Prosecuting Attorney's office filed two rape charges against a Carthage man today and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

According to the probable cause statement, Jose Cortez-Bamaca (DOB 1988) forcibly raped a woman who lived in the same residence where he lived twice in December.

From the probable cause:

CORTEZ-BAMACA told VICTIM1 she could not tell anyone because they would not believe her and he could get the paperwork to help keep her quiet because Jasper County Sheriff's Office (JCSO) Deputies are in his family. 

VICTIM1 disclosed CORTEZ BAMACA made multiple more attempts to rape her in January and she was able to be around people or she would wear feminine hygiene products to make CORTEZ-BAMACA believe she was on her period so he would not have sex with her. 

VICTIM1 had to move from the residence due to the multiple rape attempts and CORTEZ-BAMACA daily groping her breast, buttocks, and vagina after her repeatedly telling him to stop daily. 

 During a subsequent interview with CORTEZ-BAMACA, he corroborates VICTIM1’s story and dates. He admitted to having sex with her when she was in a towel and just getting out of the shower. He corroborated her timeline of events as to when she moved in and moved out. He, however, denied using force to have sex with her.  

The case was investigated by the Carthage Police Department.

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