Thursday, February 15, 2024

Joplin Globe will be printed in Tulsa

The Joplin Globe announced in its Wednesday edition that will no longer print the newspaper at its Joplin facility.

As usual, the Globe, in an article written by Publisher Robin Phelan, tried to make it appear as if this is some wonderful change that won't affect your product at all.

Where we print the paper will not alter our ability to continue to provide strong local journalism and consumer value to our advertisers — responsibilities we take seriously.


 The reason behind the change?

The strategic decision to outsource the Globe printing comes after a thorough analysis of our production equipment. The investment needed to bring it up to a level that would keep us competitive into the future just isn’t feasible given the changing economic landscape facing the industry.

 I am sure that's all true, though it's a bit wordy.

What Phelan doesn't mention is that the Globe's out-of-town owners, CNHI, are simply following a tried-and-true blueprint devised by newspaper chains to milk every cent out of newspapers by reducing staff, drastically cutting coverage area, trimming publication dates and then more than doubling the subscription rate.

In the February 6 Turner Report, I noted that the Globe has increased its subscription rate to $428.87 a year.

That's a lot of money for a newspaper that no longer has Sunday or Monday editions, runs about one or two obituaries a day, fails to provide timely articles in either its print edition or on its website and has less than a handful of reporters left to handle hard news.

When reporters and editors leave, they aren't replaced.

The Globe eliminated what it euphemistically referred to as "independent contractors," the carriers that delivered the newspaper each day at the same time it eliminated its Sunday edition.

The news and sports sections are nearly threadbare.

The move to shut down the Joplin printing press and outsource the job to Tulsa also means local people losing jobs, or as Phelan puts it "there will be limited layoffs in the production department."

Apparently, Phelan does not have to be as specific in his writing as his reporters.

Just how many people are losing their jobs because of these "limited layoffs?"

Nine days ago, I predicted the next move the Globe's out-of-town owners will make, the same move made by newspaper chains all over the United States- it will move out of its downtown location and rent a storefront.

The Carthage Press did it and look what happened to that newspaper.

The Springfield News-Leader sold its press and moved out of its spacious building into a smaller location.

That time is coming for the Globe.

Perhaps, CNHI can rent a space for the Globe at Northpark Mall. That's where the rest of the dying businesses are.



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Anonymous said...

What about the VERY few locally owned newspapers that sent their publications to the Globe for printing? The Sarcoxie Record, also their Carthage and Carl Junction weekly publications? Where can they possibly go now?

Anonymous said...

I am a retired small business owner of over three decades. The Globe was vital (advertising) to my industry back in the day. There are two reasons why people (used to) subscribe to the Globe: obits and ads. Everyone looked for the Sunday and Wednesday editions for those reasons. Now, most obit notices are found online and ads, well, they can be found anywhere.

I am surprised that the Globe is even still trying to be relevant. Their online edition is laughable and if they do run a story, it's yesterday's news.

Anonymous said...

The fact they are selling their printing presses saddens me. I know a man who has worked in that department for years.He emigrated to this country and does not speak English well.It will most likely be difficult for him to find another job.

Anonymous said...

A sign of the times, trying to kill free speech and erase history, Hard to change facts that are printed and distributed all over the country, but digital news can be altered and erased at anytime, either on purpose or accidentally. Bad journalism has also played a role in this by not reporting it without any bias.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Internet, with Online Shopping, Ecommerce, Social Media and Blog Forums, Television, Movie, and Radio Streaming Services - have changed the way People - Communicate, Buy, Sell, Lease, Rent, Watch TV and Movies, Listen to Music, Etc., - Some Paper / Television / Radio / Movie Companies have ventured into additional platforms - to survive the ever changing Technology expansions - I am afraid if they have not - they are doomed to exist.

I remember the First thing my Parents did every morning before enjoying their Coffee / Breakfast was walk out their front door and pickup the Joplin Globe off the front steps - ready to devour all of those News / Informational / Sales / Obituary Stories - followed up with the National and Local News at 5:30PM - 6:00PM every night.

Similar to going to the Joplin Library then to Book Stores for that Great Next Read, then from Movie Theaters to the Local Video / Blockbuster Store - -

Now from your Phone, Tablet, Laptop - you can read the latest book or watch the latest movie.

Times are a Changing.


Anonymous said...

I'm so high right now

Anonymous said...

Robin Phelan has been on the job since July, and I cannot think of a single positive move the Globe has made during this time. Reporters leave, and are not replaced. The news product continues to decline. They are constantly searching for advertising sales representatives, but no one wants to pound the pavement or make calls when the answer is almost always No.

“Robin Phelan has done an excellent job shepherding Farm Talk and keeping it strong,” said Steven Jameson, regional executive for CNHI, parent company of both the Globe and Farm Talk. “He has a lot of experience in the newspaper business and will do a great job in this new role. Robin brings a lot of energy and commitment to The Joplin Globe, its readers and the Joplin community.”

So, Mr. Phelan, what is your plan to make the Globe relevant again? And please don't sell your historic building in downtown Joplin and move to a strip mall. That would be the final blow.

Anonymous said...

Randy I must say your my go to source for the news. You stay on top of it and I thank you for your hard work and dedication.

Anonymous said...

You gotta admit Randy it's pretty ironic that you call out the Globe for having fewer and fewer reporters, and not hiring more when they leave for other jobs. Don't you work by yourself? Have many reporters have you ever hired or currently employ? Your site is an aggregator. You sift through other people's work and websites, republish it on your own and call it 'new' and ask people to pay for it.

Publishing city council and school board agenda isn't news. Publishing orbits that are publicly available isn't news. Perhaps leaving your apartment, attending city council meetings , interviewing council members is too much for you in 2024. You'd rather sit at home and be a keyboard cowboy and trash people.

Clearly you have an axe to grind with the Globe, your former employer and the people that operate it. It's an old, old act.