Thursday, February 08, 2024

Joplin man charged after 5-year-old autistic child found naked near highway, home filled with filth, cockroaches

A felony child abuse or neglect charge was filed in Jasper County Circuit Court today against a Joplin man who allegedly failed to care for his 5-year-old autistic son.

A $10,000 cash-only bond was set for Caleb Allen Olds (DOB 1989) and a warrant was issued for his arrest.The Jasper County Sheriff's Office responded Wednesday to a report of a naked, mud-covered boy seen near a highway.

From the probable cause statement:

Victim 1 was visibly cold, covered in mud, and unable to talk due to his disability. Caleb Olds was inside his residence, totally unaware that Victim 1 was outside. 

The conditions inside the house were unacceptable, with open knives, a loaded airsoft pistol, drug paraphernalia, consumed cigarettes, unwashed clothes, unwashed dishes, and cockroaches throughout the residence. The residence had a strong odor of filth about it. 

I was later informed Victim 1 was 5 years old, had been diagnosed with Autism, and was last seen by a doctor in the year 2021. 

The drug paraphernalia located in the house was two clear glass pipes with burnt ends and white residue inside, one cut red straw with white residue inside. The paraphernalia was in easy reach of the child on the nightstand in the father’s room.

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Anonymous said...

Caleb Allen Olds - What a Scum Bag - Some People have No Self-Esteem for themselves or others.

How could someone live like that and treat an Innocent Child that away. Our Children are our Greatest Gifts - They need to be Treated with Love and Respect.

You do not have to be Rich / Wealthy to maintain a clean home, environment, and/or lifestyle - to take care of yourself and your family. I know several people that buy clothes from the Thrift Stores and Live and Shop within their means. They don't Buy Drugs, Cartons of Cigarettes, and Cases of Beer - because they hope someday to overcome their current situations.

I would guess that this Family - Lives off the Federal / State - Government - Receiving Food Stamps, Medicaid, Disability, Unemployment, and Possibly Housing Allowance and/or other Free benefits. Which I question - why are we giving - ABLE PEOPLE - These Benefits - When they should be out Working - instead of Living Off Society.

My Next Question - is why hasn't some Governmental Agency - Seen Fit to Follow Up and Find Out why this Child has not been seen by a Medical Doctor / Facility - for over 2-Years???

If they are receiving any type of Governmental Benefits - We have got to have Checks & Balances - Put into Place - Just Not Send People a Monthly Check or Give them Lifetime Benefits and have No Feed Back or Checks in Place.

Where is the Child's Mother - - Working to Support this Caleb Allen Olds - this Menace to Society.